A mother of four has told how she was evicted from her home after paying rent for seven years.

The lives of Anyolina Diaz De Los Santos and her family were turned upside down when they were forced to move from Orpington, south-east London, in November last year.


Anyolina and her husband were evicted from their London home in November last year. Photo credit: Anyolina/inews

Bromley City Council offered the family temporary accommodation in Dartford, Kent – but just five months later they were kicked out when the landlord demanded it back from the local authority.

The family then had to move further afield – to temporary accommodation in Ashford, reports The i.

And Anyolina was forced to take her children out of school because the three-hour return train journey would cost £45.

This meant her eldest missed out on his Year 9 exam – while her younger twins had to wait three months before they could enroll at a local school.

She explained: “[My eldest son] has been in the same school for so long.

“It was very sad to see how hard he is trying not to let this situation affect his life, but he already refuses to make friends.”

To make matters worse, Anyolina was forced to give up her job as a cleaning lady in London.

And the family feels cut off after being separated from their community.

She added: “As we live in private accommodation, we never imagined the economy would impact our lives to such an extent that we would be reliant on the council’s help, something we as a family are not looking for. We want to live in peace and give our children the best.

“Although I’m grateful to be under one roof, I don’t deny finding myself with so much debt and expenses that my head wants to explode.

“My husband doesn’t talk much, but when I see his face… I notice sadness and helplessness.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities said: “We recognize that people in the private rented sector are under pressure, which is why we have introduced the Tenants (Reform) Bill, which is currently before Parliament and delivering results “will be a fairer offer for tenants and landlords.”

The Sun Online has contacted Bromley Council for comment.


Anyolina says she was forced to give up her job as a cleaner. Photo credit: Anyolina/inews

Source : www.thesun.co.uk

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