When you talk about the great action icons of the 80s, a few actors immediately come to mind. Arnold Schwarzenegger remains king, but close behind is Sylvester Stallone, who had quite the blockbuster career between Rocky (1976) and Tango & Cash (1989). Since then, the actor has endured ups and downs (“Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”) (Cliffhanger), but always seems to deliver a bit of popcorn entertainment (for example, “Creed” and 2008’s “Rambo”).

This week, Sly returns to the lucrative Expendables franchise with Expend4bles, which looks like another silly, explosive and fast-paced entertainment from the grandfathers of action cinema. I’m always looking for more adventures with this motley crew – and Megan Fox! – and this looks like a throwback to the equally silly – but incredibly great – throwaway thrillers that dominated the cinemas in my youth.

Just in case you younglings only know Sly as the old man from Creed, I’m going to shed a little light on the man’s career and highlight some of Sylvester Stallone’s best action films – just in case you feel the need Feels like checking out your dad’s movie collection in search of more exciting entertainment.

Cliffhanger (1993)

Grab your climbing shoes and hold on for some wild action that will make anyone afraid of heights squeamish. Packed with large set pieces, large stunts, large emotions and large Stars: Cliffhanger throws everything he can at the screen, then clings to life as the massive corporation nearly collapses under its own weight.

Luckily, Sly carries the production ably and delivers a solid performance as Gabe Walker, a rescue ranger with a tortured past who is tasked with guiding the ruthless Eric Qualen (a delightfully demented John Lithgow) and his gang in their pursuit through treacherous terrain Mountain terrain to lead the stolen money.

Director Renny Harlin stages exciting action beats and makes the most of this absurd concept that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats – as long as they ignore the silly script.

Cobra (1986)

While Cliffhanger portrays a more heroic side of Stallone, Cobra reveals the dark, violent monster that lurks within. Make no mistake, Lieutenant Marion “Cobra” Cobretti is tough as nails – a snarling, snarling guy who works for the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite “Zombie Squad” and is tasked with taking down a ruthless killer known as the “Night Slasher.” to bring route.

Stallone didn’t give a shit at this point in his career and just did whatever he wanted, including casting his wife (and Ms. Drago) Brigitte Nielsen in a crucial role that was well beyond her acting abilities.

Doesn’t matter. They’re here to watch Stallone murder arrogant street punks and spew lines designed for a grindhouse movie poster: “You’re a disease. And I am the cure!” Sure, it’s revenge-thriller schlock, but Cobra delivers the kind of blood-soaked action that defined the ’80s.

Demolition Man (1993)

Stallone teams up with Wesley Snipes for this sci-fi action film that’s as captivating as it is laugh-out-loud funny. Where the hell else will you find an honest-to-god epic about two battle-hardened 20th-century warriors who are frozen and then thawed in a future utopia where crime is non-existent and sex requires special helmets and suits in a sterile environment to accomplish? ? I am not joking.

Here, Stallone is the good guy (in the trailer voice), a cop with unorthodox methods, and Snipes is a violent criminal with ties to his past. The rivals must continue their conflict in a futuristic battle royale while Sandra Bullock effortlessly steals the movie.

Part satire, part explosive action spectacle, “Demolition Man” is probably Stallone’s best attempt at emerging from the ’90s era. Its visuals haven’t aged particularly well, but this film is a feast for the eyes of action junkies and makes our list of the best Sylvester Stallone action films.

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)

When I think of Rambo, I usually think of Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots Part Deux making fun of Sly’s performance in Rambo: First Blood Part II. I think that’s what makes this over-the-top but wildly entertaining sequel the most memorable of the entire series. While the original “Rambo” is a powerful war drama that deals with the difficulties Vietnam veterans faced upon arriving in a politically divided country, Part II is an absolute assault on the senses, a live-action cartoon with extraordinary stunts, endless shots of ammunition, and almost 100 people die in gruesome ways.

This is the film in which Rambo reluctantly returns to Vietnam to investigate the existence of American prisoners of war and teams up with the tough Co-Bao (Julia Nickson) to take down Steven Berkoff’s vile Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky and the prized Cobra Kai Owner. Rambo peppers his enemies with countless bullets, jumps out of planes, boats and helicopters, endures turbulent torture and fights all over Vietnam without breaking a sweat. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Rocky IV (1985)

Yes, Rocky IV is an action movie – fight me! You could say Rocky became an action franchise after the introduction of Mr. T in the third installment and disappointed its fans by retreating to its roots in the later entries.

Not Rocky IV. Filmed like an ’80s music video on crack, this boxing tale claws its way to fame and glory, this time pitting everyone’s favorite unbreakable Italian stallion against the all-powerful Drago (Dolph Lundgren). There are blood-soaked boxing fights, interrupted by exciting training montages to the greatest rock albums of the 80s. The film delves into the Cold War and admittedly gets a little preachy at the end, but this is good old-fashioned American cinema at its best – a gleefully absurd underdog story seen through the eye of the tiger. Rocky IV remains a wonderful hit of dopamine, which is why it tops our list of the best Sylvester Stallone action films.

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