In 2018 popular TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres took it upon herself to explain to her audience what Bitcoin BTC/USD actually is.

What happened: Expressing the sense of confusion surrounding Bitcoin, she stated, “Everyone talks about Bitcoin, nobody understands.” It’s like a plot twist in a confusing movie when you’re watching a movie and your friends are pretending if they knew what was going on and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I know that too.’”

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DeGeneres said, “Imagine Bitcoin being a goat.” Now it’s adorable… and you want to pick it up and pet it. But you can’t because it’s not there, it doesn’t exist, except on the internet right there, just like bitcoin is a digital currency.”

Summarizing the unpredictability of Bitcoin investing, DeGeneres added, “Basically, if you invest in Bitcoin, you either become a millionaire or you’re completely broke.”

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Why it matters: On February 16, 2018, when the episode aired, Bitcoin was trading at $9,994. If you invested $100 after the episode aired, you would have made a 157.68% return, for a total investment of $257.68.

Price promotion: At the time of writing this article BTC It traded at $25,753, up 0.01% over the past 24 hours, according to Benzinga Pro.

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