If you’ve just finished binge-watching the final season, you might be asking yourself the question that’s on everyone else’s mind: Did Bre leave? Sell ​​Sunset? The real estate agent ended things quite dramatically Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 and many fans are wondering what the future holds for them and the Oppenheim Group. Warning: Spoilers for Season 7 of Selling Sunset follow.

The last episode of Sell ​​Sunset In Season 7, Bre, who joined the brokerage firm in Season 6 of the Netflix series, storms off after a conversation with Chelsea, a fellow Oppenheim Group agent. The drama began when Chelsea – who never really got along with Bre, despite apologizing for keeping quiet about her relationship with her baby daddy Nick Cannon in the past – decided to speak her mind again. This time, Chelsea highlighted Bre’s interactions with Cassandra, an agent who met the cast at an open house in Cabo, Mexico, where the Oppenheim Group opened a new office this season.

During the open house, Cassandra approached Bre and claimed to know her from her days as a bottle service girl in Los Angeles. She also claimed that Bre asked her and her friends to model for her fitness app. However, Bre completely angered Cassandra and claimed that she had never met her before.

Fast forward to Sell ​​Sunset Season 7 finale where Cassandra attends the Oppenheim Group’s new office housewarming party in Los Angeles with Chelsea. Chelsea accuses Bre of not being kind to Cassandra when she first met her in Cabo, while Cassandra also criticizes Bre’s attitude towards her. Let’s just say Bre didn’t take this well. She left the party screaming profanities while ripping off her microphone. “I’m done with all this shit, I’m tired of this shit,” she said. “Fuck the show. Fuck this damn office!” That ended the season, and there was no news about the future of Bre’s relationship with the brokerage firm.

So that leaves us with the question: Will Bre leave? Sell ​​Sunset? Here’s what we know so far about Bre’s future with the Oppenheim Group.

Is Bre leaving? Sell ​​Sunset?

Image: Courtesy of Netflix © 2023.

While Bre has not publicly commented on whether she will return Sell ​​Sunset Should the series be renewed for an eighth season, she will continue to be listed as an agent on the Oppenheim Group website. Of course, only time will tell if we’ll see her on our Netflix screens again – but for now, it looks like she hasn’t given up her job as a real estate agent for the company.

However, Bre’s drama with Chelsea and Cassandra isn’t the only reason she might want to break up. During the season finale, Bre also met with Jason to talk business. She explained how a previous agent she worked for offered his agents a 90:10 split, where the agent takes 90 percent of the commission and the agent takes the remaining 10 percent. However, at the O Group, all agents are subject to an 80:20 split.

In her conversation with Jason, Bre asked about increasing her commission split and noted that her recent drama with Chelsea caused her to rethink her role at O ​​Group. But Jason’s response was firm: “I definitely don’t want you to leave the brokerage firm because of the actions of one of the other brokers,” he said. “And I want you to stay, but the commission split is non-negotiable.”

Bre left the conversation visibly upset and revealed that she wasn’t sure if she would even attend the party later that night – the same party where her confrontation with Chelsea took place. For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens next!

Sell ​​Sunset is available to stream on Netflix.

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