Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 3 of The Morning Show

The big picture

  • Cory Ellison’s manipulative and sinister behavior catches up with him in Season 3 The Morning Showas his doppelgangers lead to the failure of a major merger.
  • Ellison’s pursuit of leadership success has led him to prioritize big money over real relationships, alienating those who helped him succeed, such as Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson.
  • The data leak and failed merger are a wake-up call for Ellison, highlighting the consequences of his power-hungry actions and signaling a possible turning point for his character.

Our resident good guy, Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup), has taken a turn for the worse in Season 3 of something The Morning Showwhich caught our president of the news department at UBA on the receiving end of a double game à la Jon Hamm. Paul Marks (Hamm) decided he had had enough of Ellison’s antics and put a clean end to the merger the two were about to finalize, much to the surprise of Ellison, who had been betting on the deal for some time.

While we are technically speaking allegedly To support UBA through thick and thin, seeing Ellison finally get his punishment was a shockingly welcome sight, as he’s been playing quite a bit of chess with just about everyone at UBA lately. From his treatment of his two main money makers, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), to his targeted sharing of a racist email from Cybil Richards (Holland Taylor) Only for his own benefit, Ellison has worked around the clock to stay five steps ahead of everyone else – no matter how ominous his moves may be. But in Episode 3, it turns out that he was one step behind Marks all along, who finally gave Ellison the slap he deserved.

Was Cory ever a good guy on “The Morning Show”?

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In season one, the answer to that question definitely felt like a resounding “yes,” but just as we saw Bradley Jackson positively rise from hometown reporter to national evening news anchor over the last three seasons, we saw Ellison slip into it quite a bit slimy shadow of the man he once was. Actually, maybe even Ellison Is He was a good guy, but toward the end of the second season and into this current third season, he let the lure of managerial success get the better of him The Morning Show. He used to operate on the micro level, advocating for Jackson to be the absolute best anchor possible, but now he’s gone macro, focused only on big money, and been someone to be feared rather than dealt with could identify him.

In Season 2 of the series, Ellison pushed for the implementation of UBA+, a new streaming service that would transform the news world, despite being fairly unpopular with other UBA executives, who viewed it as Ellison’s pet project rather than anything important. The only reason for UBA+’s enormous success is that its launch coincided directly with the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting viewers who had nothing to do but sit at home and watch Alex Levy contract COVID suffered on the screen for everyone to see.

And that’s something else: He has Levy and Jackson to thank for much of his recent success at UBA, but he’s still not ready to give either of them the due credit they deserve. Instead, Ellison has chosen to move on, leaving behind everyone who helped him get to where he was left behind. When Levy asked to take on more leadership responsibilities and be added to the UBA board, it was an immediate resounding “no” from Ellison, who doesn’t want someone he sees as a cannon dabbling in whatever he is brewing behind the scenes. And then of course there’s the way he treated Jackson after he found out about her (former) relationship with Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies), which we’re pretty sure he’s responsible for leaking to the press. While something definitely happened between Ellison and Jackson, we have yet to find out exactly what it is, although it definitely plays a role in their strained relationship at the moment.

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The third season of “The Morning Show” could be the beginning of the end for Cory

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Since becoming the network’s shining star thanks to Ellison (and a completely coincidental global pandemic), UBA+ has been on a pretty serious performance spree, making it even more calculating than ever. He made the decision to keep his potential big merger with Paul Marks a secret, risking people’s lives (including his own) in the process, showing how much he is willing to give up for the success and power of a company. To lure Marks, he sent himself and Bradley Jackson into space on Marks’ rocket ship, concealing the true reason for the event.

Since Alex Levy was originally scheduled to be sent into space instead of Jackson, Marks appeared to have taken revenge on Ellison by triggering a massive data hack and leak at UBA, sending the entire network into a tailspin as both personal and professional secrets remained secret were made public. Believing that Marks was behind the hacking attack, Ellison attempted to forestall him by using the leak to his advantage and intentionally publishing an email from Cybil Richards that ultimately caused her to be sent away from UBA, a move that Ellison did not like Merger with Marks would directly help with his upcoming venture.

While Ellison ended up getting what he wanted by throwing Richards to the sidelines, his merger with Marks was unceremoniously thrown to the exact same sidelines as Richards, as Marks felt that UBA was now a liability for the leaked salary differences between the Employees are their race and the general distrust of privacy on the network. Basically, UBA has been deemed radioactive by Marks, and with this new designation, Ellison now faces a whole new chapter in the station’s books, along with some hefty financial settlements that he will most likely have to pay – and that’s now without the help of a lucrative merger.

In many ways, Ellison is getting exactly what he deserves, and ultimately the data leak and subsequent merger failure could serve as an important wake-up call for the executive. He’s gotten a little too big for his britches lately and has to learn that he can’t operate UBA alone – actually should Listen to his fellow board members (and moderators) instead of trying to remove them once they no longer agree with him. Whether this means the end of Ellison is up to him: he can decide to lead a new wave for UBA or live in the past.

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