The Israeli military has shared a video that purports to show a fierce attack on a Hezbollah “terror target.”

The Israeli Air Force wrote on X that the attack took place overnight and footage showed a fireball appearing after an airstrike.

Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, is engaged in border skirmishes with Israeli forces as military activity against Hamas intensifies in the Gaza Strip.

The air force released the video as it continued its ground operation in Gaza, announcing this morning that Mohsen Abu Zina – whom it described as Hamas’s “chief of weapons and industry” – was the group’s latest top official to be shot down.


An attack against Hezbollah that was carried out overnight, according to the Israeli Air Force. (Israeli Air Force)

“He was one of Hamas’ leading weapons developers and had expertise in strategic weapons and missiles,” the IDF said.

And for the third day in a row, the Israeli military has opened an evacuation route within the northern Gaza Strip for residents there heading south.

“The northern Gaza Strip area is considered a fierce fighting zone and time is running out to evacuate it,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee wrote on X. “They join hundreds of thousands who have answered the calls and moved south. “the last few days.”

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The IDF up

“Over the past month, our Navy has successfully neutralized numerous terrorists and terrorist targets in Gaza,” it said. “Our forces are focused on defending against sea breaches, attacking terrorist targets and providing round-the-clock support to ground forces.”

The war between Israel and Hamas reached its one-month mark yesterday, and around 240 hostages remain trapped in the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli army battle tank moves to a position in the upper Galilee region of northern Israel near the border with Lebanon on Wednesday, November 1. (Jalaa Marey/AFP via Getty Images)


According to the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry, more than 10,000 people have died in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli counterattack.

Greg Norman is a reporter at Fox News Digital.

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