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Israel’s ambassador to Ireland said she had to respond to claims about her country after she was criticized this week for accusing the Irish president of misinformation.

Dana Erlich told the Sunday Independent she was frustrated by President Michael D. Higgins’ comments that Israel had violated international law.

He said last week that Israel had “destroyed” protections for civilians under the Geneva Conventions by seeking to break international law.

Ms. Erlich claimed this was misinformation and said that announcing Israel’s intentions in advance was “in line” with international law.

The myth or belief that Israel is breaking international law. We are not

Dana Erlich

She also said that Ireland was not a neutral country in relation to Israel and the Palestinians.

Ireland’s Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney said the ambassador’s comments were “unhelpful” and Labor Party leader Ivana Bacik said Ms Erlich had “crossed the line” and “her position is in question”.

Asked about her comments about Mr Higgins, Ms Erlich said on RTE’s Drivetime program: “There are moments in history when you cannot remain silent.

“And of course I don’t want to criticize Irish officials, but when things are said about my country I have to respond, especially in times of war when there is a lot of misinformation being spread on social media in the media.

“As I am the representative of the people of Israel here in Ireland, I must respond to everything that is said about this and ensure that I try to give the most accurate and comprehensive information available to me.”

When asked what the misinformation was, Ms. Erlich replied: “The myth or the assumption that Israel is breaking international law. We are not.”

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