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  • Lawsuit filed against NBCUniversal and its subsidiaries by Marco Vega alleging sexual assault by Brandi Glanville and Phaedra Parks during RHUGT Season 2, with claims that producers encouraged such behavior.
  • Controversial allegations have created excitement and anticipation among Bravo fans and may have resulted in the upcoming event being cancelled RHUGT is the most-watched Real Housewives season in years.
  • If the rumors about the cancellation of the 4th season of RHUGT are true, it could have an impact on the ongoing court case, as season 4 could serve as evidence for the broadcaster in Marco Vega’s lawsuit. However, delaying the release of the season could result in financial and fan base losses.

While BravoCon is underway in Las Vegas, NBCUniversal must deal with the consequences of the production decisions made during filming The ultimate Real Housewives girls’ tripboth in the past and in the present. Marco Vega, who was hired as a butler for the second season of RHUGT, recently filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal and its subsidiaries. Marco claims that he was sexually abused by Brandi Glanville and Phaedra Parks and that this was more or less encouraged by the producers. For this reason, he not only files a complaint, Marco also demands a trial in court. things are Things are looking bad for the 4th RHUGT season and even RHUGT: RHONY Legacy is in danger that the film will be cut just a month before its original premiere.

These rumors have Bravo fans in an uproar. The drama has increased anticipation for what is to come RHUGT Seasons twice, And since the cancellation rumors began, they were quick to express their displeasure. The 4th season of RHUGT has the potential to be the most watched watch Real Housewives Thanks to the controversy, the season has improved for years, and in this situation, the networks have a big decision to make. The season has to air, but what happens if the rumor of delaying season 4 comes true?

Why Marco Vega is suing everyone but Brandi Glanville

Marco Vega believes the Bravo production team encouraged the alleged attack

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Marco Vega is currently represented by Caroline Manzo’s legal team. It makes sense that Caroline would be particularly interested in helping Marco sue the network like she did She recently claimed that Brandi Glanville sexually assaulted her in the bathroom during the Morocco trip. The interesting thing is that Marco is suing the network and its parent companies, even though Brandi is the focus as the attacker. According to the lawsuit filed, Marco is suing NBCUniversal, Peacock, Warner Bros. and two other production companies as a plaintiff. The lawsuit states:

“The defendants should never have engaged Ms. Glanville to participate RHUGT, because they knew about her tendency to sexually harass others. The defendants even encouraged Ms. Glanville to get drunk on set to increase the likelihood of committing outrageous and harassing acts, thereby boosting the defendants’ ratings without regard to the rights and safety of those around her. “The defendants also encouraged other housewives, such as Phaedra Parks and others, to get drunk and sexually harass others.”

Marco’s story goes that he was hired as a butler in the second season of RHUGT. He believed the task would be easy, but soon found himself in some situations that he found extremely unpleasant. Shortly after meeting Brandi, Marco initially explains that the producers told him to go to all the housewives’ rooms to update them on the travel schedule. When he knocked on Brandi’s door, she invited him in and he claimed that she was only wearing her underwear.

Marco is a married man and the lawsuit states that this second interaction with Brandi made him uncomfortable. The remaining allegations detailed in the lawsuit were actually caught on camera, and screenshots are included in the filing. The suit says This production forced him to dance with the housewives after the night of bourbon tasting. He also claims that they refused to give him a new shirt after Brandi ripped his shirt off and that they refused to let him leave until filming was completed. The lawsuit goes on to say that the night caused so much emotional distress that it caused marital problems between Marco and his wife. He also claims that when he reached out to the network for support, he was ignored, which led to even more psychological stress. The lawsuit also accuses the networks of human trafficking, based on the Human Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Human trafficking was included in the language because Marco is from Utah and the network transported him across state lines into a situation where the “employees” were encouraged to target Marco. Marco is also suing the networks for discrimination because his complaints were not taken seriously since he is a man who was allegedly attacked by a woman.

If there is a trial, the new season of “RHUGT” will likely be canceled

Marco Vega wants to go to trial and season 4 is proof

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All of these problems occurred during the second season RHUGT, which aired two years ago. Why should this affect the upcoming season in Morocco? Thanks to this current lawsuit, the fourth season of the show could be used as evidence against the network. During filming, Caroline Manzo accused Brandi of sexual assault and said Brandi touched her inappropriately her and kissed her without consent. Brandi has denied the allegations and insisted that all acts committed were consensual. Phaedra Parks witnessed the incident and thinks there may have been more consent than Caroline said. Brandi’s lawyers want the audio recording of the incident released; The ladies were equipped with microphones at the time, so while the moment wasn’t on camera, it was still recorded.

Publishing the recording isn’t easy thanks to Marco’s current lawsuit. The case doesn’t just contain screenshots of the second season’s incidents; It also includes screenshots from other instances. The Screenshots focus on Brandi’s bad behavior and describe it in detail. Moments of non-consent and physical inappropriateness towards her fellow actors members and more. Because previous examples are used as evidence against the network, It’s pretty safe to assume this was filmed recently RHUGT Season is considered proof. As much as fans want the season to go ahead, it might not happen at all. But the season can and should be released, even if delayed until after the trial. Fans can’t wait to see the trip to Morocco, and not airing it at all would be a huge loss financially and in the hearts of Bravo’s biggest fans. And while a case typically takes forever to get to court, NBCUniversal has the resources to move the courts along a little faster. This is America, after all, and with the right amount of money anything can be possible.

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