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  • It’s a wonderful knife is a festive slasher film that combines heartwarming themes with bloodthirsty thrills.
  • The film features a rich love story, strong LGBTQ+ representation and a delightfully crazy tone.
  • Fans of Christmas slashers may like Black Christmas And Silent night, deadly night will love this scary and entertaining film.

Even though the holiday season is long over, it’s never too early for horror fans to re-watch their favorite festive slashers. Last year brought a whole new batch of fantastic holiday frights to the genre, including It’s a wonderful knife by the writer Michael Kennedy (Freaky). Now, after a successful theatrical release and a killer debut on Shudder, Wonderful knife is making its way to Blu-ray this spring.

The bloody release comes with a handful of goosebumps Special features that include Better Off: The Making of It’s a wonderful knife, a storyboards featurette, trailers, social media spots and a photo gallery. There will also be two audio commentaries. One with director Tyler MacIntyre and Kennedy and the other with Maclntyre and cinematographer Nicholas Piatnik. The release’s cover features horror’s new favorite slasher icon: The angel prepares to attack the ill-fated town of Angel Falls while Jane Widdop’s Winnie screams all night in the reflection of the murderer’s knife. It’s a stunning image that’s right at home with other iconic films in the subgenre Scream.

What is “It’s a Wonderful Knife” about?

It’s a wonderful knife is a slasher twist on the Christmas classic It’s a beautiful life. Combines the heartwarming themes of this masterpiece with the bloodthirsty thrills of slashers like this Scream And I know what you did last summerthe film follows Winnie, who helped stop the Angel Killer in her hometown. You’d think this would make her a hero in the eyes of the neighbors, but a year later everyone hates her, is very cold towards her, or doesn’t know how to deal with her after the tragic events of last Christmas. this causes Winnie wishes she had never been born. Like the Frank Capra classic, she awakens in another world where she doesn’t exist. However, this also means that she is in a world in which The angel was never stopped and is still at large. She must stop the killer once again while trying to discover the true meaning of love and Christmas before it’s too late to return home.

While there are plenty of Christmas slashers out there these days, Wonderful knife stands out for its rich love story, its strong LGBTQ+ representation, and its deliciously wacky sense of tone. Kennedy made a name for himself with the incredible genre-bending slasher Freaky, but the author once again emphasizes his extremely entertaining style. The killings are more cruel, The mix of humor and horror is the cheerful star of this terribly funny Christmas tree, and the fervent romance at the heart of this nightmare will melt your snowy heart. If you are a horror fan who loves movies like Black Christmas, Silent night, deadly nightor You better watch outthis is an absolute must.

When will It’s a Wonderful Knife be released?

It’s a wonderful knife celebrates Christmas early on April 9, 2024 when it comes to Blu-ray and DVD. Shudder was one of the few streaming services to fully support physical media, and it’s always nice to see one of their best films added to a horror fan’s Blu-ray collection. You can pre-order Wonderful knife on Amazon after watching the trailer below. The film is also currently streaming on Shudder.

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