CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday took an in-depth look at Hamas’ rhetoric since its devastating Oct. 7 attack that killed over 1,400 Israelis – mostly civilians – and broke down what that rhetoric says from Israel’s perspective about a potential ceasefire.

Tapper’s lengthy segment received widespread praise online and was shared by fans and even would-be critics alike. “Please watch – this is extremely important context.” wrote Tapper’s CNN colleague Dana Bash. Fox’s Brit Hume was also impressed and shared the clip, Write“Excellent analysis.” The New York Times Nick Confessor written down“CNN compiles recent clips in which Hamas leaders glorify the deaths of their own civilians: saying they have no responsibility for their safety; and promises more and more 10/7-style attacks.”

GOP pollsters Frank Luntz urged his followers: “Look at the whole thing before you react.”

Tapper began the section by looking at the terrible suffering in Gaza:

They know that innocent civilians in Gaza continue to be killed by Israeli attacks and that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is getting worse. Thousands of people around the world are protesting and calling for a ceasefire. In Washington, DC, in Paris and Berlin. The demonstrators are shouting about the humanitarian crisis.

“And how can you not be affected by these terrible images we see from Gaza? Bloody children, children’s corpses, starving families, little to no medical care – destroyed homes,” he added, noting:

The Israel Defense Forces insist that they are only targeting Hamas, which is hiding and firing rockets into Israel from among the Palestinian people, from the homes of civilians.

Tapper then turned to recent comments from Palestinian Queen Rania of Jordan. “Justifying the deaths of innocent civilians.” “This is an interesting twist, something that worries us greatly, something we have always been concerned about since Hamas brutally attacked so many Israeli civilians on October 7th,” Tapper added, citing Rania’s dig at those who don’t support a ceasefire.

“What exactly did Hamas think the Israeli military would do in response? Did they not expect that Israel would retaliate? Did they not expect that Israel would retaliate in a way that would result in the deaths of innocent Palestinians in Gaza, especially given what Israeli intelligence, U.S. intelligence and journalists who have visited Gaza have noted? With Hamas entrenching itself in the Palestinian population, what did they think would happen?” Tapper continued, adding:

It turns out that a Saudi journalist asked the Hamas spokesman that very question. His answer was quite telling given Hamas’ concern for Palestinian lives.

“Dear sister, nations are not easily liberated. The Russians sacrificed 30 million people in World War II to free it from Hitler’s attack. The Vietnamese sacrificed 3.5 million people until they defeated the Americans. Afghanistan sacrificed millions of martyrs to defeat the USSR. And then the United States, the Algerian people, sacrificed 6 million martyrs over 130 years. The Palestinian people are like any other nation. “No nation will be liberated without sacrifice,” the Hamas spokesman said in the clip, which also went viral last month observer were stunned to see Saudi state television criticize Hamas in this way.

“No nation is liberated without sacrifice. Not exactly an expression of regret for the innocent Palestinian death,” Tapper noted, adding:

a journalist from Russia Today, a Russian state media outlet, asked Mousa Abu Marzook Quote from Hamas’ Politburo: “You have built 500 kilometers of tunnels in Gaza.” Why haven’t you built bomb shelters for Palestinian civilians to hide in during the bombing? And this is how Hamas responded.

“We built the tunnels because we have no other way to protect ourselves from attacks and killings. These tunnels are supposed to protect us from the planes. We fight out of the tunnels. And everyone knows that 75% of the people in Gaza are refugees. And it is the responsibility of the United Nations to protect them,” the Hamas spokesman told RT.

Tapper then played a clip of another Hamas spokesman in Arabic promising to repeat the Oct. 7 attack, concluding, “We are called a nation of martyrs.” And we are proud to be martyrs sacrifice.”

“So Hamas, the government of Gaza. Based on her own words. A. They believe that the loss of Palestinian civilians is just the price of liberation,” Tapper continued, summarizing the three clips:

B. They believe that although they are the government of Gaza, it is not their responsibility to protect Palestinian civilians. The tunnels are intended for combat, not civilians.

And C, they are determined to continue attacking Israel the same way they did on October 7th, over and over again, based on what they say. For these reasons Israel says, “We cannot have a ceasefire.” Listen to what they say.’ That is why they are pressing ahead with their ground attack in Gaza.

From Israel’s perspective. You hear all the calls for a ceasefire. What they are not hearing is anyone in the international community suggesting any way to get back their 240 hostages kidnapped by Hamas. You don’t hear anyone suggesting any possibility of removing Hamas from the leadership of Gaza. Israel sees the parades at the rallies for the ceasefire, but it sees no parades and no rallies for the return of the hostages or the removal of Hamas. So here we are. And this is where President Biden finds himself in a difficult situation.

Watch the full clip above via CNN.

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