Fox News’ Joey Jones dismantled some of the weapons reportedly found by the IDF in a classroom in northern Gaza.

The IDF said Saturday on X, formerly known as Twitter, that its troops had found weapons, ammunition and explosive devices in a kindergarten.

An unidentified soldier in the video said the IDF found two large blocks of explosives and ammunition bags on a closet and under a bed.

Jones, a Marine Corps veteran, said Hamas’s arsenal provides insight into the terrorist group’s tactics and capabilities, as well as the type of fight it faces.

A series of photos released by the IDF show Hamas’ weapons, ranging from hand grenades to RPGs.

“First we see 100 so-called pineapple grenades. These are all hand grenades. You pull the needle, you throw it, and they have these little spikes on them where they break in the fragmentation – and they all turn into “dozens of bullets from each grenade,” Jones explained on “The Big Weekend Show.” “This suggests that they are expecting hand-to-hand combat. These can only fly as far as you can throw them, unless you booby trap them, then they become an IED.”

“Pineapple” grenades were reportedly found by the IDF in a kindergarten in Gaza.

IDF seized Hamas weapons caches and supplies during the terror group’s attack on Israel

Another photo showed a voltmeter, or O-meter, which Jones said is used to “test either detonators or electrical circuits, probably in IEDs or certain types of munitions.”

A voltmeter or O-meter discovered by the IDF. ((IDF/The Big Weekend Show))

“Up here is really the part I want to talk to you about. What you have here is a circle, and these are mil or minute angles, down to the smallest detail. And down here you have a tool that is used to set the angle of something you want to use for indirect fire – for throwing. And that shows the following [the] Capability of mortars or other types of indirect fire, something you want to use over long distances, but you also see that it’s kind of rudimentary. “It’s very simple,” said the retired staff sergeant.

He added: “You can get a lot of this stuff down here at Home Depot.

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Jones then moved on to a third photo that showed an RPG on the ground with aircraft engines and starting engines.


“What that means…RPGs are capable of flying up to 900 yards, so you could actually use them as indirect fire and engage RPGs from further away. “Having the engines capable of doing that shows that that could be part of their battle plan,” he said. “So all of this shows you a little bit of what they’re capable of and what they might be striving for strategically. And that helps Israel prepare for what awaits it.”

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Ashley Carnahan is a production assistant at Fox News Digital.

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