Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Justified: City Primeval finale.

Almost the entire season Reasons: City prehistoric times delivered the (pretty terrific) standalone sequel that its creators had promised. And while it was great fun to see Raylan Givens, Timothy OlyphantAs the fearless US Marshal embarked on a new adventure in Detroit over the past two months, there was always felt the presence of an invisible star attached to the show. At least the original Justified Raylan alone didn’t deserve his reputation. That’s why, 36 minutes into the series finale, one of the most exciting TV moments of the year appears in the form of an onscreen graphic: “KENTUCKY. TRAMBLE PENITENTIARY.” Finally, Justified has come home. Below this graphic is the back of a man wearing orange prisoner’s overalls, and while his face is not immediately visible, there is no doubt as to his identity. Boyd Crowder has returned Justified universe, and suddenly all is right with the world.

A character originally slated to die in the series’ pilot, Boyd – played to snake oiled perfection by Walton Goggins, one of our finest and most dynamic actors, served as Raylan’s main antagonist throughout the show’s six seasons. While Raylan from Olyphant was usually cool and composed, Boyd from Goggins was more of a firecracker – a garrulous and charming thief and career criminal who fancied himself as a spiritual leader of the men in the lawless rural countryside of eastern Kentucky. Raylan and Boyd were friends as teenagers and worked together in the coal mines, and while they couldn’t have been more different as adults, there was always an underlying understanding between them. During each new season of Justified presented Raylan with new threats to contend with, it was Boyd who proved to be his eternal adversary, and their friend-and-foe dynamic served largely as the series’ steadfast backbone.

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A Boyd Crowder performance was never a “Justified: City Primeval” guarantee

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Still, Boyd’s performance towards the end city ​​prehistoric times might have surprised you. Although the show occasionally dropped out Elmore Leonard-Verse Easter Egg, Showrunner Michael dinner And Dave Andron were largely stingy when it came to forging strong, direct ties to the original series. Some recurring characters from the Florida Marshal’s office that you’ve probably forgotten made brief appearances, and Raylan’s ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea), stopped by at the beginning of the finale, becoming the first main cast member from the previous show to do so. But mostly city ​​prehistoric times felt like a Raylan-directed spin-off rather than a direct sequel – not a bad thing! That’s just one of the reasons why, going into the finals, it looked like Boyd probably wasn’t going to show up. It’s not as if Goggins isn’t busy himself, either, as he’s spent the summer burning up shop as the singing, dancing, and game show host of Baby Billy on HBO The Righteous Gems. (Baby Billy’s Bible bonkers forever, yo.) And if Boyd actually stopped by, it seemed like most fans could probably hope for a brief cameo, perhaps another brief prison talk, which is Raylan and Boyd’s final scene in the original series reflected .

For that reason, the real surprise here may not be the cameo itself, but rather the fact that it’s nearly six minutes long, seemingly setting up a future showdown between Raylan and Boyd. In it we meet Boyd back where we left him when he was still incarcerated in state penitentiary. (Goggins is instantly electrifying, as he’s slipped back into Boyd’s persona as easily as he seems to slip into skinny jeans.) We quickly learn he’s still preaching the good word to his flock behind bars, though he’ll let his followers know soon he is transferred to a hospital to find out why his “health has deteriorated”. Taking Boyd at his word is a silly task, though, and with the help of a jailer in love (and at the expense of an unfortunate one). Luis Guzman!) that the transfer from prison will soon turn into a prison escape. Boyd is free again and we last see him chuckle as he throws his prison jumpsuit out the window of a car speeding towards Mexico. Someone has to track him down. Probably the person who knows him best. Cut to a newly retired Raylan relaxing on a boat with his daughter Willa (Olyphant’s real life daughter Vivian). First, the “Emergency Alert” notification pops up on his phone. Then the call comes from the Kentucky Marshal’s office. Raylan seems unsure whether to answer as the screen goes black and blurry Dwight Yoakam The song heralds the arrival of the credits.

Does Boyd’s performance portend a future showdown with Raylan?

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Now there are two ways to look at this. You could just say it’s a smart and fitting conclusion to the eight-part series we’ve just seen, one that highlights the ongoing theme of Raylan’s inability to stay on the sidelines. through city ​​prehistoric timesWe don’t think he’s capable of letting things lie, despite his advancing age and the fact that law enforcement has been going through their own calculations and developments over the past few years. Raylan strives to catch the villain and bring justice that won’t just go away. And although city ​​prehistoric times As Boyd nods towards his final retirement, Boyd’s escape serves as a handy shorthand to show that Raylan may never be entirely comfortable with the rest he thinks he desires. Strictly speaking as city ​​prehistoric timesThe final statement on Raylan is a thematically strong ending and lets the viewer decide for themselves whether or not Raylan picks up the phone.

But come on! We can’t just take it like that, can we? After all, Olyphant, Dinner and Andron have always told the press that if the show goes well and FX wants more seasons Justified After that, they will happily comply with that wish. city ​​prehistoric timesThe finale also seems to promise that Goggins would play a part if there were to be another sequel. In interviews after the finale, the showrunners even admit that Boyd has “unfinished business.” That doesn’t necessarily guarantee that another greenlit sequel would focus solely on Raylan’s quest to reclaim Boyd. But it shows a willingness to fully engage with the topic city ​​prehistoric times has now so blatantly teased – that Boyd Crowder is back, he’s in the wild, and that the deal that seemed done at the end of the show’s original series is now suddenly unfinished again. Raylan and Boyd never share a scene together city ​​prehistoric timesbut it seems clear that their paths will cross again.

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