Chef Wang Gang has been heavily criticized by Chinese social media users.

Fried rice, a culinary marvel with roots in China, has become a global sensation. It is believed to have existed around 4000 BC. It was created in the 1st century BC and was originally created to save leftover rice. The technique of sautéing rice with vegetables, meat, and spices not only transformed the surplus into a tasty dish, but also established a culinary tradition. Over the centuries, this delicious creation spread throughout Asia and eventually the world, with each region adapting the recipe to suit its tastes, such as adding egg to make egg fried rice.

But no one ever imagined that a light and tasty dish would become a highly sensitive topic on China’s social media platform, prompting a popular chef to apologize for posting a video about making egg fried rice .

“As a chef, I will never make egg fried rice again,” Wang Gang, a celebrity chef, said in a video first posted on Weibo, according to a CNN Report. He said he has more than 10 million online fans.

Watch the video:

The clip was first uploaded on November 27 and later appeared on other social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter).

Mr Wang has sparked outrage as some users accused him of making fun of the death of Mao Zedong’s eldest son, Mao Anying.

Accordingly The guard, Mao Anying, a Chinese Army bureaucrat, was killed by US bombers on November 25, 1950 during the Korean War. A controversial report claims he disobeyed orders to seek shelter during an airstrike. Rumor has it that the hungry young man turned on a stove to make egg rice and that the smoke from the fire revealed his position to enemy forces.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly debunked it as a rumor.

The guard said that in 2018 the Chinese government criminalized insulting “heroes and martyrs” who allegedly sacrificed themselves for China or the Communist Party cause.

“As an ordinary person who makes a lot of money by posting a few cooking videos, he should at least not be disrespectful to this country and the people who sacrificed themselves for this country,” the media quoted a social media user as commenting on the video of the cook.

In May 2022, a journalist was jailed for mocking “insulting martyrs” who froze to death during the Korean War.

This was Mr. Wang’s third faux pas. He posted similar videos around the anniversary of Mao Anying’s death in 2018 and 2020, sparking an outcry on social media both times.

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