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  • John Oliver talks about how abortion rights are a pressing issue in the US as the overturn of Roe v. Wade has led to a health care crisis for women seeking abortions.
  • The existence of “trigger laws” meant that women were suddenly faced with illegal abortions and had to quickly find alternative solutions, often leading to unsafe practices.
  • Abortion should be decided by the medical community because a ban endangers women’s lives and health and jeopardizes medical licenses. It is critical to vote for lawmakers who take into account the nuances of pregnancy and abortion.

While we’d love nothing more than to sit and watch local news anchors make fools of themselves in Halloween costumes for 30 minutes, Last week tonight with John Oliver Unfortunately, I was only able to devote about a minute to this section. This week’s episode tackled a pressing topic: the gubernatorial and state Senate elections, making it an opportune time to discuss abortion rights.

Since Roe v. Wade was overthrown, the United States predictably descended into a health care crisis over women seeking abortions in states where it suddenly became illegal. Making matters worse, “trigger laws” were maintained with immediate effect, meaning that women who were literally on the path to medical treatment had to find another solution in some cases – and quickly.

The consequences were also predictable: women had to travel to other states for abortions, which in turn led to overcrowded clinics in states where abortions are legal. And that’s just one of the problems. Because not every woman can afford to go to another state, there are many who resort to less than ideal abortion methods, including drinking bleach.

“Last Week Tonight” emphasizes that abortion rights are largely decided by men

All of this shows that abortion is an issue that should be addressed and advised by the medical community, as a ban endangers the lives and health of thousands of women. It can also jeopardize a doctor’s license because if a doctor decides to perform an abortion anyway, he puts an entire team at risk of going to prison. So it’s important to be careful who you vote for this year, especially considering that 84% of lawmakers who have supported state “trigger” bills are male – meaning they understand the nuances of pregnancy and abortion hardly taken into account in their everyday lives.

The episode also made clear that although abortion is a contentious issue, it still has a significant number of abortion advocates, even in red states like Montana, Kansas and Kentucky that still provide access to abortion. That’s why state legislative elections make all the difference, because that’s when legislators are elected or voted out and can make a difference.

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