• Law and Order: SVU
    has featured notable guest appearances, including guest appearances by Amanda Seyfried, David Harbor and Pedro Pascal.

  • Many of these guest stars achieved great success with awards and major film roles throughout their careers.

  • The cameos ranged from victims to tortured kidnappers, corrupt agents and socially awkward suspects.

The show has been on television since 1999, so it’s no surprise that some of the best guest appearances from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit have big names. The series follows a team of New York detectives who specialize in investigating and prosecuting sex crimes. The series’ cast has changed significantly since its debut, but the formula remains largely the same. Law and order: SVU hasn’t let up with the non-stop flood of guest appearances and celebrity cameos.

Last order: SVU is gearing up for its 25th season and recently passed the 500 episode milestone. Each week brings with it a new batch of victims, witnesses and suspects, so there are always plenty of new faces accompanying the regulars. Many of the actors who had small roles SVU He later achieved great success, winning awards and managing major franchises. Sometimes a celebrity cameo was just as confusing when it aired as it is now in hindsight.

10 Amanda Seyfried Played A Victim

Law & Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 5

Around the same time, Amanda Seyfried appeared as Karen Smith in Mean Girls, She portrayed a rape victim Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her guest appearance was in Law & Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 5, “Outcry.” Seyfried played Tandi McCain, whose case sparked a media frenzy.

SVU was not the only TV drama in which Seyfried appeared. She also made appearances in a single episode House And CSI: Crime Scene Investigation before he goes to the cinema. Today Seyfried is best known for films like Les Miserables And Mamma Mia! She recently returned to television for her portrayal of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes The dropout.

9 David Harbor was a kidnapper in SVU

Law & Order: SVU Season 4, Episode 7

Stranger Things Star David Harbor played a tormented kidnapper SVU long before he became Chief Jim Hopper. In Law & Order: SVU In Season 4, Episode 7, “Dolls,” Harbor played a serial child abductor who appeased his victims with his collection of vintage dolls.

Harbor showcased his incredible talent and his character’s eventual collapse revealed a tragic past. The cruelty of the character’s crimes and the supposed generosity of his motivations made this novel a special experience Law & Order: SVUs saddest episodes. Harbor also appeared in various roles in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the original Law and order.

8 Pedro Pascal played Special Agent Greer

Law & Order: SVU Season 12, Episode 24

In Law and order: SVU Season 12, Episode 24, Pedro Pascal played Special Agent Greer, a corrupt ATF agent who was arrested for selling a gun that was ultimately used as a murder weapon. Pascal’s best films and TV shows, including Narcos And The Mandalorian, demonstrates his ability to combine charm with a ruthless streak. He also managed to do this with Special Agent Greer. His on-screen death at the end of the episode was overshadowed by the shooting of fan-favorite character Sister Peg. Like Harbour, Pascal also had roles in two other shows under the law and order Umbrella.

7 Adam Driver was a suspect in SVU

Law & Order: SVU Season 13, Episode 11

Adam Driver manages to bring depth and intensity to even the smallest roles. He was one of the rare guest stars Law & Order: SVU He stood out not only for the fame he later achieved but also for his convincing performance on the show. In Law & Order: SVU Season 13, Episode 11, “Theatrical Tricks,” Driver played Jason Roberts, a socially awkward computer geek who became a suspect in a rape investigation after it was discovered that he had been stalking the victim. The episode also featured Fisher Stevens, who recently directed Netflix Beckham Documentary.

6 Ludacris played a murderer on SVU

Law & Order: SVU Season 7 Episode and Season 8 Episode 22

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is no stranger to the big screen. His best-known role is Tej, a source of comic relief in the Fast and Furious franchise, which he has overseen for nine films. Before joining the family with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, he played the role of a young criminal in crash made him one of the best rappers and actors in Hollywood.

The “Area Codes” rapper played Darius Parker in two episodes of Law & Order: SVU, a relative of Fin who committed two murders after discovering he had been lied to his entire life. Ice-T and Ludacris weren’t the only rappers featured in it SVU. Snoop Dogg also made a cameo appearance in season 20.

5 Bradley Cooper portrayed a sleazy lawyer

Law & Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 20

Long before he starred alongside Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis in “ The Hangover, Bradley Cooper appeared as a shady lawyer Law and order: SVU, and his fingerprints were found at a crime scene. Cooper was convincingly devious, but the episode also featured two other surprise cameos.

Alfred Molina, the Dr. Octavius ​​​​starred in Tobey Maguire’s film Spider-Man Films in which Cooper’s client is at the center of the investigation. Angela Lansbury also played the mother of Molina’s character, although her long-running detective series might have made it easier for her to assist in the investigation Murder, she wrote.

4 Jennette McCurdy played an abuse victim

Law & Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 11

Jennette McCurdy delivered one of the most outstanding performances by a child actress in the role of Holly Law and Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 11, “Contagious.” The episode explored the complex trauma of child abuse survivors. It was a lot for McCurdy to handle, but her approach had an incredible sense of authenticity.

Nickelodeons iCarly would propel McCurdy to teenage stardom just two years after her appearance in SVU, But the show’s goofy charm would discourage her from pursuing her talent as a dramatic actress. McCurdy recently published a memoir about her experiences as a child actress and has taken an extended break since 2018.

3 Martin Short showed a dark side

Law & Order: SVU Season 6, Episode 18

When Benson and Stabler were assigned a case, it was usually not the time for a few laughs. Martin Short is best known as a comedian and impressionist, but his guest appearance is over Law and order: SVU showed a much darker side, as he played a fake psychic responsible for kidnapping and murdering women.

Short’s reputation as a crazy comedian added an extra layer to his spooky performance in 2017 Law and order:SVU Season 6, Episode 18, “Pure.” The Just murders in the building The star was expected to deliver laughs, so it was deeply unsettling to see him in action as a calculated and manipulative murderer.

2 Robin Williams played a convincing antagonist

Law & Order: SVU Season 9, Episode 17

Another popular comedian who took on a darker role Law and Order: SVU, Robin Williams played an anti-authoritarian anarchist in Season 9, Episode 17, “Authority.” Williams showed off his famous talent for voice work as his character Merritt Rook gave him his own alibis over the phone. However, this was far from the case Ms. Doubtfirewhen Rook psychologically tortured people into committing terrible crimes.

Williams’ affable charm made him a fairly convincing villain, as evidenced by his playful demeanor when representing himself in court. Rook could have been a fantastic recurring character, as he provided a compelling foil for both ADA Novak and the detectives.

1 Serena Williams played a college athlete

Law & Order: SVU Season 5, Episode 12

Although she only appeared in one scene, she was a 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams was by far the most surprising star to make a cameo appearance Law & Order: SVU. The tennis legend played a college athlete Law and order: SVU Season 5, Episode 12, “Brotherhood.”

It was quite strange to see Williams holding a basketball instead of a tennis racket while Stabler and Benson questioned her about her experiences with a nefarious fraternity on campus. Williams’ first acting gig was on The simpsons in 2001, and she has played heightened versions of herself in many projects including Glass onion And Ocean’s Eight. However, She rarely plays completely fictional characters as in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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