A Daily Star front page trashing Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been given a comedic shine thanks to an unlikely cameo.

Rishi Sunak was urged to sack the Tory minister after she accused police of “playing favorites” and being biased against left-wing protesters – days after she called pro-Palestinian demonstrations “hate marches” and said sleeping rough a “lifestyle choice”.

The Daily Star marked the latest outburst with a front page inspired by TV favorite Family Fortunes and showing a replica of long-serving former presenter Les Dennis with his arm around Braverman.

It said: “We asked 100 people who was the most batsh@t-crazy Home Secretary we’ve ever seen.” Our poll found…”

The splash was shared widely on social media.

As the headline gained traction, Dennis himself popped up on X, formerly known as Twitter, to join in the fun.

“I didn’t expect that!” he said, then added a variation of his famous catchphrase: “If she’s still there, I’ll give her the money myself.”

It’s unclear whether Braverman will survive, although she appears poised to remain in office at least for the weekend.

On Friday, Downing Street said Rishi Sunak still had “full confidence” in Braverman despite her inflammatory comments.

Source : www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

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