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Quickly name a resource that is more important than lithium today.

That’s difficult to answer. Lithium is The essential resource that powers the modern world. Some of the fastest-growing industries—smartphones, electric cars, and renewable energy, to name a few—rely on lithium-powered batteries. This is because lithium-ion batteries typically charge faster and last longer.

So much of this “white gold” is needed that lithium demand is expected to increase twenty-fold by 2040. This growth creates a huge opportunity for companies that can supply lithium. As Elon Musk put it: “Would you like to mint money? Well, the lithium business is for you.”

A founder asked him about it. Enter Teague Egan and his company EnergyX. As an experienced climate activist and successful entrepreneur, Egan knew about the growing importance of lithium for renewable energy. He also knew that meeting the world’s demand for lithium in traditional ways simply wouldn’t work. To solve the problem, he founded EnergyX in 2018.

Egan’s idea for EnergyX was simple. Instead of relying on outdated methods, EnergyX would develop technology to extract lithium faster, cleaner and cheaper. Five years later, EnergyX says its technology can extract 300% more lithium than conventional methods.

Now investors are lining up to back EnergyX, including General Motors. GM just led EnergyX’s $50 million Series B round and is working with EnergyX to secure the company’s lithium supply.

The opportunity isn’t limited to companies like GM, either. Everyday investors can invest in EnergyX right alongside GM. More than 4,600 people have already invested. You can too by checking out the website here.

Would you like to learn more about why investing in EnergyX is such an exciting opportunity? Here’s how EnergyX is transforming the lithium industry and why this could be one of the most exciting investment opportunities of 2024.

How LiTAS™ is revolutionizing the $546 billion market.

The market for battery materials is expected to reach $546 billion by 2035. But lithium production is not keeping up. Worse, up to 60% of the world’s lithium comes from environmentally harmful methods.

Fortunately, EnergyX’s technology solves both problems. Thanks to more than 75 patents in 19 patent families, EnergyX’s Lithium Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS™) technology can recover more than 90% of lithium from brine in just a few days. That’s three times more lithium than is achievable today, all without wasting water, space or time. No harsh chemicals are required either.

What also sets EnergyX’s technology apart is that they are the only company to have all three direct lithium extraction technologies: adsorbents, solvents and membranes. They can tailor these technologies to minimize costs and maximize lithium yield for customers, regardless of conditions, the company says.

Their technology has the potential to unlock lithium reserves in hard-to-reach or previously uneconomical places, and that’s one of the main reasons automakers like GM are so intrigued.

GM leads EnergyX’s $50 million funding round.

Converting U.S. cars to electric vehicles will require 20 times more lithium by 2040 than the entire world produced just five years ago. For demand for a natural resource to increase by 2,000% is unprecedented.

To secure its access to lithium, General Motors is partnering with EnergyX and leading their $50 million investment round.

The goal of the collaboration is to revolutionize the North American lithium supply chain through EnergyX’s innovative Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology. GM is investing in the entire battery supply chain in North America, from raw materials to full battery cell production.

This partnership addresses the global lithium shortage bottleneck while scaling electric vehicle production. EnergyX’s achievements include a groundbreaking pilot plant in the Lithium Triangle with exceptional lithium recovery rates.

GM’s investment arguably solidifies EnergyX’s position as a leader in DLE technology. It will also support their research and development efforts, including pure lithium metal anodes and solid-state lithium metal batteries.

Auto companies aren’t the only companies fighting to secure lithium either. It also becomes a national security issue.

Securing North America’s lithium supply.

Lithium has become so important to meeting global energy needs that China and the United States are in a race to control global lithium supplies. China has spent more than $60 billion over the past decade to become the world’s largest lithium refiner. China is also expanding its reach by accumulating international producers.

For the United States to meet its rising lithium demand – its electric vehicles alone will require at least 500,000 tons per year by 2034 – it cannot afford to rely on foreign sources like China. In fact, relying on China for lithium is a national security nightmare.

Although North America is not traditionally a large producer of lithium, with the right technology it certainly can be. One small region in California alone – Imperial Valley – has the potential to supply 50% of lithium demand for American electric vehicles alone.

EnergyX’s extraction technology has the potential to transform the United States and North America into a lithium powerhouse. They even secured a $5 million US Department of Energy grant to extract lithium from geothermal brines in California.

With this transformation potential, EnergyX is attracting great interest from investors. Here’s how you can invest.

The EnergyX investment opportunity.

EnergyX raises capital from investors. This opportunity to invest in EnergyX is open to everyone, not just Wall Street banks or accredited investors. You can buy shares of EnergyX for $8 per share. More than 4,600 investors have already joined them, investing almost $60 million so far.

This is an exciting opportunity to invest in a private, young company alongside companies like GM.

To learn more about EnergyX, its growth plan or the investment opportunity, simply visit the company’s website by clicking here.

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