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A young couple who had entrusted their premature baby to Lucy Letby and considered making her godmother now believe she tried to murder him.

During treatment at the hospital, it was discovered that her son had an abnormal amount of blood in his diaper and was suffering an unexplained breakdown, with the serial killer allegedly being his nurse.

Since learning of Letby’s appalling crimes, the child’s mother, who remained anonymous, said the thought made her “physically ill”. Since then, they have been in contact with the police, who assured them that their case was being investigated.

Letby was sentenced to life in prison for murdering seven babies and attempting to kill six others (Cheshire Constabulary/PA)

(PA Media)

In conversation with the MailOnlineThe couple claimed the newborn nurse supported them during the difficult birth of their child and put them at ease while they stood guard at their son’s bedside.

Unaware that she was in the midst of a killing spree, the boy’s father had suggested that his wife ask “nice” Lucy to be their son’s godmother in return for her kindness.

The couple claimed the 33-year-old was “so smitten” with their son and even got angry with the other caregivers when she wasn’t assigned care.

While allegedly in Letby’s care, it was discovered that he had blood in his diaper and on another occasion he collapsed just before he was due to be handed over to night staff. Luckily, a doctor and senior nurse came to his aid and he made a full recovery.

On another occasion, Letby reportedly sent the mother a Mother’s Day card with a Polaroid photo she took of her son in his incubator. The image showed the little boy without a mask and without oxygen tubing, despite requiring 24-hour oxygen.

She later dismissed her concerns by saying, “I just thought you’d like a picture of him without tubes.”

She carried out her killing spree while working as a neonatal nurse at the Countess of Chester Hospital (Jacob King/PA).

(PA cable)

It was later revealed during her trial that she frequently tampered with breathing tubes and was accused of ramming medical devices down babies’ throats.

“We had a handmade card and assumed everyone on the ward got one,” the boy’s father claimed. “But they didn’t do it, it was just us. Inside was a picture of my son without a respirator. She said she took it out to be cleaned or sterilized. Now that it’s all out in the open, I should have questioned more.”

After her son’s release, Letby reportedly friended his mother on Facebook and commented on posts whenever he ended up back in hospital.

When asked what she thought of Letby, the mum said: “It just makes me really sick. She was so manipulative to us, so kind, kind and caring. I have mixed feelings. It would have been easier to really, really hate her if she wasn’t like that.”

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