The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to introduce not just strange new worlds, but strange new multiverses with all sorts of non-canon shenanigans. You want to see The Fantastic Four repeated themselves? How about the possibility of an X-Men relaunch? Longing to see Bruce Campbell Experiment as a pizza ball seller? Cool. Just don’t get too caught up in it. Because the MCU is deep in his griefand it kills the most tempting new planets in its orbit.

I’ve complained about this before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, aka “The Most Outspoken MCU Characters All Go Dark.” In this sad sequel, the Guardians head to Counter-Earth, a version of Earth created by The High Evolutionary (Chukwudi Iwuji) that is home to a number of cuddly human- animal hybrids. Among them is a lovable family of bats who welcome this gate-breaking band of heroes into their home. And what do they get for their hospitality of blue drinks, important information and the family vehicle? Destroyed without a moment of regret.

The wonders follows GOTGv3, and guess what? It moves in very similar move: Welcome to this fascinating and unique planet – Blam!

Catch sight of! Aladna – the singing planet!

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One of the brightest highlights of The wonders is undoubtedly when Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and Captain Monica Rambeau/No Codename Thank You (Teyonah Parris) land on Aladna. A planet made up of more than 90% oceans is the picturesque next stop on the world-destroying tour of Kree villain Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton). It Also happens to be the kingdom where Carol Danvers is known not as Captain Marvel or the Annihilator, but as Princess Carol.

Yes, the most powerful Avenger is married to a very handsome prince named Yan (K-drama star Park Seo-joon). But the most exciting thing about Aladna is that they communicate through song (in English). To warn the prince of the impending danger heading toward this candy-colored kingdom of song, splendor, and powerless royalty, Carol must break out into a duet, accompanied, of course, by a waltz (and a costume change!) as Kamala and Monica watch amused and awestruck.

Here’s an exciting new corner of the MCU where life is a song and everyone is invited to sing along. It’s full of bright colors, shimmering dresses, and people so pretty they probably sell skincare products on the side. But just like Counter-Earth, The wonders takes just enough time to make us fall in love with this strange other world before plunging it into potentially planet-destroying danger.

The Singing Troops are prepared for battle and challenge the invading Kree forces. But after a losing showdown with the merciless Dar-Benn, the Marvels flee to fight another day. What does this mean for the planet they left behind?

What happens to Aladna?

Photo credit: Laura Radford / Marvel Studios

As their oceans were devoured by the Kree’s voracious jump points, things weren’t looking good for the universe’s favorite theater kids. However, if you listen very Very briefly in the final act of the film, one of Nick Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) team is heard saying that the “planets” are recovering and that teams are being sent to support them.

This suggests that not only is the Kree homeworld of Hala (saved in the final act thanks to some heroics from Captain Marvel) being looked after by the space cops SABER, but so is Aladna. And Perhaps Tarnax?

The Skrull refugee planet had all its air stolen by the Kree and suffered heavy casualties from the brutal attack. But perhaps those who sought refuge with King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson in a dapper suit) can return to rebuild?

Still, a throwaway line is hardly a satisfying conclusion. Given the extensive set pieces that took place on these planets, it would have been nice if their fates had been revealed with some visual flair. Still, there is no shot of the Skrulls going home or of the Aladna people rejoicing at the return of their water.

Think about it. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 got a whole closing song number with “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. But even though the people of Aladna literally sing, they didn’t have the opportunity to give us a rousing musical ending. Plus, Brie Larson was briefly a pop star! And she was Envy Adams Scott pilgrim against the world! Give her a musical spotlight moment!

Imagine! Yan, supported by his joyful court, could have celebrated the return of her princess and her “twin” cohort. They could have danced and sang and welcomed us to rejoice as we neared annihilation. But within that joy is also a touch of sadness, a painful twitch when they remember that Monica isn’t with them to celebrate. Perhaps this thread could have continued musically if a three-part harmony was missing a crucial voice since Monica is no longer in her trio. Sure, the moment in the cockpit was sweet. But that could have been the big space farewell this film deserved.

The wonders has its flaws. But the biggest thing is the missed opportunity of not returning to Aladna for a reprise that would make us leave the theater with a song in our hearts. But hey. MCU will be MCU.

The wonders hits theaters nationwide on November 10th.

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