Daredevil regularly faces true monsters like Wilson Fisk and the Hand, but despite fighting such terrible enemies, it seems that only a single villain has ever truly traumatized him, torturing him even worse than Joker tormented Batman. Daredevil is an important street hero in the Marvel Universe. While characters like the Avengers are traveling in space to make sure a world-ending threat doesn’t reach Earth, Daredevil is on the streets of New York making sure they get there Is a New York for the Avengers to return to.

During the five-year term of Brian Michael Bendis daredevil, One of the main elements of the overarching plot was the revelation of Daredevil’s secret identity. Matt has to deal with reporters stalking him and villains randomly attacking him every now and then. This finally reaches its climax when the US government manages to arrest Matt Murdock and put him on trial for his crimes as a vigilante. This can all be seen in Daredevil #81 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, which shows Matt being brought to trial and forced to stand trial for breaking the law.

As Foggy argues his case, Matt begins to dream and imagines himself breaking out of the courtroom and fleeing the country with his wife, Milla Donovan. While this is a completely normal daydream given Matt’s abilities and situation, how the daydream ends for him is not normal.

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The daredevil’s greatest enemy torments his dreams

One of the worst enemies Matt has ever fought is Bullseye. Bullseye has often been compared to DC’s Joker, but it turns out Bullseye is much worse. Joker ultimately wants to get Batman to break his only rule against killing. However, this goal is all about facilitating Batman’s corruption. What Bullseye wants is to torture Matt simply for existing. Matt has fallen in love with several women over the years, including Karen Page, Elektra and Milla Donovan. Bullseye has killed the first two and attempts to kill Milla when Daredevil’s identity is revealed. It appears that Bullseye’s habit of killing Matt’s loved ones has left Daredevil with severe trauma, far greater than anything Joker ever did to Batman.

During Matt’s daydream, he imagines himself escaping America and escaping to France with his wife Milla Donovan. The two spend months, if not years, happily together there. However, one night Matt wakes up and sees that Milla has been murdered by Bullseye, which Bullseye sadistically taunts Matt about. This drives Matt over the edge and he responds with deadly force, ultimately killing Bullseye. The strange thing, however, is that this is all Matt’s daydream. Matt imagines what could happen if he simply uses his skills to escape court and runs away. Why on earth would Matt imagine such a daydream ending in the murder of the love of his life?

Matt imagines that Milla was killed by Bullseye

The likely explanation is that after Bullseye kills two of Matt’s girlfriends, Matt simply doesn’t believe he can shirk responsibility and run away without Bullseye chasing him as punishment. If Matt faces his punishment and goes to prison for being a daredevil, then Milla should be safe from his villains. If Matt runs off with her, someone will surely come after him, with the most likely candidate being Bullseye. Because of this, of all the villains Matt has fought, Bullseye seems to be the only one who traumatizes Daredevilthe man without fear.

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