The release window for Marvel’s Wolverine, Insomniac Games’ next big PlayStation 5 exclusive title, has apparently leaked online. This information comes from one of the studio’s concept artists. Marvel’s Wolverine was originally revealed during the 2021 PlayStation Showcase and has been largely shrouded in mystery ever since.

Although Insomniac Games has mentioned that this game is in development, no details about the title have been given. However, it has been confirmed that it will have a connection to that studio’s other Marvel Comics-based IPs. Both Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man games will share a shared universe.

This fact was reinforced by some of the clever Easter eggs that players found in Insomniac Games’ latest release – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Marvel’s Wolverine release window has reportedly been leaked by Insomniac Games artist

While Marvel’s Wolverine was revealed at the same time as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games and PlayStation have been very cautious about revealing any more information about it. However, with the recent release of the superhero title, new rumors and information about Wolverine finally seem to be emerging.

The latest information from this current batch of information offers a potential release window for the title. This leak comes via the Art station Profile of one of Insomniac Games’ concept artists. In this profile, the person mentioned their ongoing work on Wolverine (game) as well as a release window for it in 2024.

While no specific date has been given, this release window makes a lot of sense given the game’s development time and Insomniac Games’ ongoing track record.

While most PlayStation first-party studios have yet to release their first PlayStation 5 exclusive title (most of which are cross-generation releases), this studio has already released two hugely successful games in the last three years.

Insomniac also recently fueled fan speculation about the upcoming Wolverine title with statements all but confirming its direct connection to Marvel’s Spider-Man games.

Additionally, the latest title in this series features an unlockable suit for Miles Morales in the second half, which is essentially a nod to the classic Wolverine suit.

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