Fans of the sitcom Friends and many other projects mourn Matthew Perry. While he is best known for the role of Chandler Bing, he has also played numerous other major roles. He is best known as Benny in the gaming community Fallout: New Vegas. While he largely focused on sitcoms, be it as an actor, producer or director, he also worked in sports broadcasts and feature films.

Perry grew up in Massachusetts before moving to Los Angeles. Shortly after moving, he began going to auditions and landing roles as a child actor. However, something else happened in his early life. He started drinking at 14 and was drinking every day by the time he was 18. Fortunately, it wouldn’t really affect his work Friendsbut he occasionally showed up on set hungover and shaking.

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Unfortunately, Perry was found unresponsive in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home on October 28, 2023. He was pronounced dead at the age of 54. Since Friends Fans have begun gathering at 90 Bedford Street, the building in New York’s West Village that served as the iconic facade for the apartment building Friends. (The actual apartments where Chandler, Joey, Monica and the others lived were built on sound stages.)

Friends Fanatics have left everything from bouquets of flowers to personal tributes on the corner of Bedford and Grove streets in front of the building at 90 Bedford. One Friends Fan said about the show to New York Post“All of you, especially Matthew, are helping me through the darkest time of my life.” As tragic as Perry’s untimely death is, it’s beautiful to see what it meant to millions of people around the world.

Pictures of Friends: The Reunion

Official stills from Friends: The reunionwhich is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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