Two yachts allegedly belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin have been discovered, bringing the total number of known yachts allegedly belonging to Putin to nine, the independent Russian anti-corruption project Dossier Center reported on November 20, citing the results of its investigation.

The two yachts, the 71-meter Victoria and the 38-meter Orion, are worth a total of more than $65 million and are reportedly used by Putin and his entourage.

Although there is no direct evidence linking the yachts to Putin, the Dossier Center writes that there are a number of connections, and its sources said that the yachts were manufactured at a military facility where no civilian ships be built.

Putin and other Russian elites often conceal their ownership of yachts, houses or other luxury goods, especially when they are in the West.

A $700 million superyacht named Scheherazade, also allegedly linked to Putin, was seized by Italian authorities in May 2022.

The Dossier Center also found that there are a number of links between the Scheherazade and other yachts linked to Putin and the Victoria, including some of the same employees and the same port agent.

The Victoria is based in the Russian city of Sochi and regularly travels to Cape Idokopas, where Putin’s “palace” is said to be located.

The palace, which became famous in a documentary by Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, is said to have cost almost $1.4 billion. Putin has denied that the palace belongs to him.

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