Meghan Markle Spotify Archetypes podcast: Duchess of Sussex on nickname


Meghan Markle has appeared to hit back at her “Duchess Difficult” nickname – slamming it as a “codeword for b***h”.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, said the word “difficult” is used to “gaslight” strong women in the ninth and latest episode of her Archetypes podcast.

The episode, titled ‘To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’?’, was released last night, and centres around the swear word ‘b***h’.

At the beginning of the podcast Meghan said: “What these people are implying when they use that very charged word, is that this woman: ‘Oh, she’s difficult’.

“Which is really just a euphemism or is probably not even a euphemism. It’s really a codeword for the B-word.”

The “Duchess Difficult” label stretches back to 2018 following rumours about her “dictatorial” behaviour and 5am emails to staff – which led to an aide quitting.

Samantha Cohen, nicknamed “Samantha the Panther” for her feisty attitude, left her role after the birth of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie in 2019.

Speaking further on the word “difficult” Meghan said: “My friend said to me, there’s a certain point when you come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to like you.

“The goal can’t be for everyone to like you, but the goal can be for them to respect you.”

Later in the episode she also laughingly admitted she needs to “up her game” in raising Archie and Lilibet with Prince Harry while talking to her first guest Mellody Hobson – the chairwoman of Starbucks.

In the podcast Mellody explains to Meghan how at the age of just 12 she had “horrible teeth” – and went by her self to an orthodontist.

After listening to the story Meghan said was shocked at her confidence at such a young age – and joked that she needs to teach her own kids that self-sufficiency.

Meghan said: “I have to rethink my parenting style because if that is, if that’s what yields you, I’ve really gotta up my game with our kids being self-sufficient.”

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