• Michael Bruner, a former Big Brother 24 star, defends BB 25’s Jag Bains and believes criticism of his gameplay is unfair.
  • Bruner admits that he should have targeted strong competitors like Jag in his own season and highlights Jag’s strategic moves in BB 25.
  • Although Jag was unbeatable with his competition wins in the BB 25, he lacked leadership from the jury, which potentially hurt his chances of winning.

Big Brother 24 star Michael Bruner, a competitive beast who was eliminated during the double eviction in Week 9, shares his thoughts on criticism B.B 25’s competitive beast. Michael is a Big Brother Superfan, which made him both a competitive threat and a threat on the strategic side. Michael bonded with Brittany Hoopes early on and was the first houseguest to break through B.B Legend Janelle Pierzina’s record in Power Of Veto wins, during his time he won 6 vetoes B.B 24. Although Michael could have easily been the winner of the game, he was caught off guard in a double eviction when Matthew Turner sent him through the back door into the jury house.

As Big Brother 25 has continued to play, Michael has shared his thoughts on the game and recently stated that he feels criticism about it B.B 25 Comp Beast Jag Bains are unfair. “So what we shouldn’t do is discredit Jag and his victories.” Michael shared on Twitter.

“If I had played smarter, I should have thrown out the people who would have been the hardest to beat in playoff competitions, like Jag did this season.” Michael’s tweet sparked controversy online Big Brother Fandom, as many have shaded Jag for its sloppy social gameplay, which has seemingly resulted in weak evictions.

Michael Bruner finds “Got This In The Bag” by Jag Bains from Big Brother 25

Jag’s gameplay was consistently interesting Big Brother 25 because he was able to protect himself with competition victories. There’s still a week left B.B 25 House, Jag has earned 8 competition wins, split between 2 Head of Household titles and 6 Vetoes. Jag is virtually unbeatable and has driven away people close to him in the game to eliminate any competitive threat to him. While this works as a strategy during the game, Jag’s jury management was difficult to watch. Despite it, Michael feels Jag “He has that in the bag if he gets the right person at his side in the last two games.”

Michael, who posed a threat from all sides in the previous season Big Brother, believes Jag’s gameplay has worked so far. In some cases this is the case. For Jag, competitions were his lifeline Big Brother, The cornerstone of his strategy was to ensure he continued to win and avoid falling into the nomination block. The only problem with Jag’s style of play was his jury management, which leaves a lot to be desired. Several members of the group feel insulted by Jag Big Brother The 25-member jury may not want to vote for him after Jag was involved in their evictions.

With Big Brother 25 is coming to an end and there are only 5 HouseGuests left vying for the grand prize of $750,000. Jag, who has by far the most competitive wins, was a major threat to the rest of the houseguests, but many are too scared to go against him at this point in the finale B.B Competitions have proven too difficult. With Jag easily demonstrating his ability to break free from the nomination block, it’s possible he ends up in the final two Big Brother 25, ready to take the win.

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