The group of Russian soldiers who were found to have executed two Ukrainian prisoners of war in Donetsk Oblast were killed, Oleksandr Shtupun, spokesman for the Tavria force, said on air on December 4.

Footage released on December 2 by Ukrainian Telegram channel DeepState appeared to show a group of soldiers killing two other soldiers emerging from a trench, one of whom had his hands clasped behind his head. The channel said the Ukrainians were members of the 45th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade.

The Strategic Communications Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine later confirmed on December 2 that Russian troops had killed two Ukrainian soldiers who had surrendered as prisoners of war.

“I can confirm that the group of Russian occupiers who committed this crime ceased to exist as hostilities continued,” Shtupun said.

Previously, Shtupun told the Kyiv Independent on December 3 that there were reports that the group of Russian soldiers had been killed.

The Donetsk Region Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into violations of the rules and customs of war. Killing prisoners of war violates the Geneva Conventions and constitutes a war crime.

According to prosecutors, Russian troops entered Ukrainian positions near the village of Stepove in Donetsk Oblast. When two Ukrainian soldiers were forced to surrender, they were shot by the Russian soldiers.

“Russia has once again proven that it is a terrorist country for which there are no laws and norms of international law,” said Ruslan Stefanchuk, speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, said on X on December 3rd.

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