When she’s not starring on the biggest TV show in the world or writing her first novel, Millie Bobby Brown is a student and like any teenager in higher education, she says there have been a few shocks.

The 19-year-old multi-hyphenate who rose to international fame by starring in the behemoth Netflix series Stranger Things As Eleven, the British star not only became a world-famous celebrity, but also the youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador ever. It is a very big thing.

For this reason, Brown decided to study health and human sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“I was shocked at how university came into my life because I never expected it for myself.” But after, you know, taking on the role of UNICEF ambassador, I took it really seriously to make sure that I had all the right information about what I care about regarding UNICEF. So university life is fun. I mean, it’s online. So it’s probably not as exciting as all the others. But it’s very, very important to me and I really value education.”

Brown was just nine years old when she made her acting debut on ABC’s short-lived fantasy drama Once upon a time in Wonderland. In the first season she was only 12 years old Stranger Things And after seven years and four seasons, we’re finally ready to say goodbye to the Upside Down and Vecna ​​once and for all with the upcoming fifth season.

However, production was halted due to the ongoing SAG AFTRA strike that began in July following the Writers Guild of America strike that began in May.

Millie Bobby Brown has released her first book, Nineteen Steps. Photo credit: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

In the last few weeks before the release of Nineteen steps, Brown’s novel inspired by the stories her beloved late grandmother Ruth told her as a child about life during World War II, Brown hasn’t spent any time in recent weeks reflecting on her long list of accomplishments. “I don’t think anyone really sits with those thoughts because if I did, I think I… it would be an overwhelming feeling.” And I think I’m incredibly grateful for everything I get, like that comes.”

Before she became a global star, Brown, who was born in Spain to British parents and then moved to Bournemouth, spent time with her grandmother at her home in Bethnal Green, east London, the same place where the book is set. She managed to return virtually under the radar just three days before the book’s release.

“I was able to spend almost every school holiday I had there, and the same goes for Christmas and the summer. My dad drove me downstairs and then dropped me off and I stayed there and sobbed when I had to leave because I absolutely loved spending that time with my grandma. And it was so beautiful in London during that time anyway, those are very nice memories.”

Nineteen steps is a cinematic historical romance that combines the harsh realities of war, growing up and a good old-fashioned love triangle. The novel is set in the war years 1942-1945 and centers on Nellie, an 18-year-old young woman from the East End who works as a secretary for the mayor of Bethnal Green. The Enola Holmes Star said she could see herself playing Nellie if the book was made into a film, which she hopes to do one day.

Millie Bobby Brown and Kathleen McGurl. Photo credit: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

Compiling the book was both “therapeutic” and “healing” for Brown after her grandmother’s death. “We made an audio recording of her just before she died so we could get all the details about all the stories so we didn’t miss anything. It was a truly wonderful experience to write such personal stories and memories.”

Brown worked on the book with the help of author Kathleen McGurl, who described her process on her blog. “I was sent a lot of research that had already been put together by Millie and her family and a lot of ideas, and we had a few Zoom calls,” she explained. “And then I sat down and wrote the first draft while Millie sent more ideas via WhatsApp. The book has since gone through several drafts as we refined the story.”

Brown had nothing but praise to say about working with McGurl, telling UNILAD: “It was really amazing. I think one, because she’s a woman, so she speaks directly to the feeling of being in love and having friendships and going through life, just the complexities of just being a woman and two, she’s a historical novelist and not me.

“So she brought the truth and the story of the actual events, and then I brought more of the experiences and the emotions behind it because obviously I had so many feelings about what happened.”

“So it was just a recipe for success and a great collaboration.”

Because Nineteen steps is very special to Brown and her family, she isn’t worried about how it will be received by critics – but judging by the reactions from AP and New York et al. Judging, she has nothing to worry about.

“Ultimately, it’s so important and personal to me that I want people to feel the way they feel when they read the book, because that’s what I did when I went into it, wrote it, read it and doing the audio book, I allowed myself to be open and feel all the feelings and that’s all I can ask of anyone who reads it.”

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