Jose Altuvé, the perennial All-Star for the Houston Astros, got off to a smashing start to the 2023 season on Tuesday, September 5, when he gave his club a tremendous early lead by scoring in each of his first three at-bats hit a home run.

Even more impressive, however, is that Altuvé managed to do so in the first three innings of the ballgame (against rival Texas Rangers, no less). With what felt like a lot more at-bats to come, fans were asking for some of the best home run performances we’ve seen.

Specifically, baseball fans marveled at the most home runs in an MLB game in league history.

The most home runs hit by an MLB player in a game is four, which was accomplished by 18 players in the pro era. This last modifier is crucial because Lipman Pike hit five home runs in a game in 1866, but that was before baseball’s so-called pro era.

The last player to hit four home runs in a game was current Dodgers-designated hitter/outfielder JD Martinez, who did so in 2017 while with the Arizona Diamondbacks. On September 4 of that season, he happened to hit a four over the fence to do so against the Dodgers.

Here is a list of all players who hit four home runs in a single game, in reverse chronological order.

player, team


Date of the 4 hour game

JD Martinez, Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

September 4, 2017

Scooter Gennett, Cincinnati Reds

St Louis Cardinals

June 6, 2017

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

Baltimore Orioles

May 8, 2012

Carlos Delgado, Toronto Blue Jays

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

September 25, 2003

Shawn GreenLos Angeles Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers

May 23, 2002

Mike Cameron, Seattle Mariners

Chicago White Sox

May 2, 2002

Mark Whiten, St Louis Cardinals

Cincinnati Reds

September 7, 1993

Bob Horner, Atlanta Braves

Montreal exhibitions

July 6, 1986

Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago Cubs

April 17, 1976

Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants

Milwaukee Braves

April 30, 1961

Rocky Colavito, Cleveland

Baltimore Orioles

June 10, 1959

Joe Adcock, Milwaukee Braves

Brooklyn Dodgers

July 31, 1954

Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers

Boston Braves

Aug. 31, 1950

Pat Seerey, Chicago White Sox

Philadelphia Athletics

July 18, 1948

Chuck Klein, Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

July 10, 1936

Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

Philadelphia Athletics

June 3, 1932

Ed Delahanty, Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago Colts

July 13, 1896

Bobby Lowe, Boston Beaneaters

Cincinnati Reds

May 30, 1894

The most home runs ever hit by an MLB team in a game was 10 by the Toronto Blue Jays against the Baltimore Orioles on September 14, 1987. Catcher Ernie Whitt led the game with three home runs, but Rance Mulliniks and George Bell did also added a pair of home runs each. Fred McGriff, Rob Ducey and Lloyd Moseby all added extra things to reach that 10 mark. The Blue Jays won the game by a landslide 18-3.

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