My Mum, Your Dad premieres on Nine with Kate Langbroek dropping big twist


A Kate Langbroek-hosted dating show was debuted by Nine on Monday in a bid to fill the large hole left by The Block – and it has all the ingredients to satisfy.

In what could be fairly described as a more wholesome, old person version ofMAFS,My Mum, Your Dad follows 13 single parents looking for love for a second time, all of whom were nominated to take part in the show by their own children.

The first episode showed the contestants being dropped off at the ‘parents retreat’ by their kids, who are then whisked away to a private bunker to give interviews about their mums and dads.

Enter Langbroek, who delivers a huge twist: Their involvement is going to be much more significant.

“We want you to be involved in your parents time at the retreat … And when I say involved, I mean really involved,” Langbroek teases. “So, welcome to the surveillance room,” she adds, before switching on a wall of TVs plastered with live footage of the parents.

“Your parents have no idea you’re watching their every move. They think that everything planned for them is done by a dating consultant. The dating consultants are actually you.”

As if that wasn’t enough of a curveball, Langbroek also says the adult children will be competing in their own challenges to “influence” their parents’ fate.

“Like having a day in who they date or they don’t date … And if your parents make a special connection, they’ll go to a blessing ceremony where you’ll have the power to approve or disapprove,” Langbroek reveals.

Son Haydn, 23, whose 51-year-old father Heath is taking part in the experiment, said, “It feels like we’re doing something wrong here. But I can’t take my eyes off the screen.”

Within minutes of tuning in, they’re privy to some wild, NSFW sex confessions from their parents.

“Smooth operator” Darren, 56, who already appears to have cemented himself as the heart-throb of the season, didn’t hold back when talking about his bedroom needs.

“I need that over the kitchen bench stuff. I need the sex on the couch. I need the passion,” he says, garnering screams from his 26-year-old daughter, Tess.

Amid the cringe, there are also some heartfelt moments as the parents open up about their heartbreak with failed marriages and relationships.

The ultimate goal is to quickly forge connections at the retreat or face elimination.

My Mum, Your Dad continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on Nine