(NewsNation) — A longtime neighbor of the suspect in two shootings in Maine that left at least 18 people dead is shocked by what happened, telling NewsNation that in all the years he knew Robert Card , never felt intimidated or saw any warning signs about the man.

“I’ve never heard anything negative about Card or his family,” neighbor Rick Goddard said on “CUOMO” Thursday.

Police have named Card as a suspect in two shootings Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine, that left at least 18 people dead. Several law enforcement agencies stormed a home in Bowdoin Thursday evening to execute a search warrant, but were seen beginning to leave the home after several hours.

Card is a 40-year-old from Bowdoin and a U.S. Army reservist. He is a trained firearms instructor.

A police bulletin issued Wednesday night said Card had a history of mental health problems, including hearing voices, and that he had threatened to attack a National Guard base in Saco, Maine. He also reportedly spent two weeks in a psychiatric facility earlier this year.

Goddard said Card most recently worked with his father on the family farm.

Maine Shootings: Timeline of what happened

“They like to take steps to keep the land private so they can hunt on it because they have problems with other people coming onto their land and doing things that are inappropriate, you know, stealing, etc., and that’s why They announced their country to keep other people away from it. Other than that, I’ve never heard anything negative,” Goddard said.

Wednesday night’s shootings rocked the state’s second-largest city and left its residents, including Goddard, in a state of shock and disbelief.

“It’s overwhelming,” he said. “That doesn’t happen here, and why would it ever happen here? It makes no sense.”

On Thursday afternoon Maine State Police The shelter-in-place order has been expanded to include Androscoggin County and northern Sagadahoc County. Police advised residents to ensure the safety of their homes and vehicles. Lewiston County Public Schools also announced there will be no classes, buildings will not be open and buses will not run on Friday due to the curfew. A previous recommendation covered the cities of Lewiston and Bowdoin.

Police asked anyone with information about Card or the shooting to come forward Contact law enforcement.

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