Netflix has released the first part of a new twice-yearly engagement report called “What We Watched.” The first episode, released Tuesday as a Microsoft Excel file, lists the hours watched for each title (original and licensed) that has reached more than 50,000 hours watched. Although it’s an uneven performance comparison, with episodic series taking up many more hours than standalone films, this is the first extremely detailed look at what people are watching on Netflix.

The first table, covering January to June 2023, contains 18,214 entries with appropriate content. The first season of the action thriller series The Night Agent: Season 1 was comfortably at the top with 812,100,000 hours during this period. The second season of the drama followed in second place (far behind). Ginny and Georgia (665,100,000 hours). Rounding out the top 5 is the first season of The glory (622,800,000), the inaugural season of the Jenny Ortega-led series Wednesday (507,700,000) and the prequel limited series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (503,000,000).

The J.Lo action film The mother was the highest-ranking film on the list with 249,900,000 hours watched, coming in at number 20 behind a flood of multi-episode series. Idris Elbas Luther: The fallen sun (209,700,000) came in at number 26, while Chris Hemsworth’s vehicle Extraction 2 (201,800,000) inserted at 29.


In addition to hours watched, the table indicates the release date of each title and whether it is available worldwide. For the sake of curiosity, the lowest-ranked globally available item on the list is the 2020 comedy special Kind regards, Kanan Gill.

Netflix emphasized the importance of not determining the impact of a film or series based solely on the total number of hours watched. “Success on Netflix comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not determined by viewership alone,” the streamer wrote in its announcement blog post. “We have hugely successful films and television shows with both lower and higher ratings. What matters is whether a film or television show delights its audience – and how large that audience is in relation to the economics of the title.”

According to Netflix, the new semi-annual tables will be combined with the weekly top 10 and popularity lists to paint a more comprehensive picture for viewers, creators and industry observers.

You can fire up Excel or Numbers and download the first Netflix spreadsheet here.

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