“Spy Kids: Armageddon” has overtaken “Love at First Sight” to take the title of global number one on Netflix.

This is according to figures from Flixpatrol, which aggregates Netflix charts from around the world to determine a “Heat” score.

“Spy Kids: Armageddon” is directed by Robert Rodriguez, who has directed the series for more than 20 years. The original film “Sky Kids” was released in cinemas in 2001, and the child stars are now very grown up.

This is also the first Spy Kids film in more than 10 years, the last being 2011’s Spy: Kids All the Time in the World.

So it’s no surprise that we’re dealing with a completely new cast here. Our adult stars are Shazam actor Zachary Levi and Gina Rodriguez – no relation to director Robert Rodriguez – while the children are played by Everly Carganilla and Connor Esterson.

A computer virus threatens to destroy civilization as we know it. And it’s up to the Spy Kids to sort everything out. Director Robert Rodriguez co-wrote the film with his son Racer Max Rodriguez, who is also listed as one of the writers of 2005’s The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

The Spy Kids film series hasn’t had any real critical success since 2002’s Spy Kids 2. But at this point, Spy Kids: Armageddon might be the best-received installment since then.

It currently has a higher Rotten Tomatoes rating than the last two films at 47%. And a much higher audience approval of 68%.

Still, Spy Kids: Armageddon, which hit theaters on September 22, is still in its infancy. There has not been a theatrical release for this game yet. It is available exclusively on Netflix. This is the first film in the series that will not be released in theaters.

However, it is not the first Netflix Spy Kids series. As fans of the series know, Netflix was the home of the animated series Spy Kids: Mission Critical. There were two seasons, both of which were streamed for the first time in 2018.

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