Alia Bhatt says she and Ranbir Kapoor call Raha ‘cheetah’: ‘He is a hands-on dad, nervous she’ll forget him’

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are new parents, and Alia naturally feels the need to give it her all to daughter Raha Bhatt Kapoor whilst doing credible work on screen. However, she says that she has a great partner and co-parent in Ranbir, which has made her job somewhat easier.

Speaking about her child, Alia told Vogue that Raha is a ‘happy baby’: “Raha is such a happy baby. You just need to give her a little smile and she will return it tenfold. She’s just starting to find her voice, so Ranbir and I call her ‘cheetah’ because of all these tiny sounds she makes while trying to communicate. Looking at her face makes everything worth it, even on the toughest days. Just holding her close feels so important right now since I know she’s going to grow up too soon and not want to sit in my lap or hang out with me anymore.”

The actor also gave some insight into the bond shared by the new father-daughter duo, and said Ranbir ‘dotes’ on Raha and is constantly worried that she would forget him when he is not around.

“The Ranbir I know has always been very sensitive, loyal and supportive. But he has become even more sensitive since Raha was born. He absolutely dotes on her. It’s adorable to watch the two of them together because he’s had to bulk up quite a bit for his character in Animal, so when he carries her, it’s like this giant picking up a little puppy. Ranbir is such a hands-on father at home that it sometimes gets difficult for me to even hold her for a second. And he’s got very unique ways of hanging out with Raha—he likes to sit with her in front of the window where the breeze comes in and make sure she spends a good amount of time looking at the big green plant there. He thinks of her as this earthly sprite. He’s travelling at the moment, so I try to recreate that same routine with Raha because Ranbir’s constantly nervous that she’ll forget him,” said Alia.

During the same chat, Alia also opened up about the controversial topic of nepotism and acknowledged that while she is indeed a child of nepotism, she is intent on building a body of work that can stand on its own two feet.

Alia added, “The only thing I can do is build a body of work which hopefully proves I belong in this industry. I always make it a point to acknowledge the easy start I got at the beginning of my career. And sure, it will get you in the room, but then it’s up to you to work that room. The audience is actually the best judge of talent. You could come from a background that props you up but the audience will ultimately decide whether or not you belong there.”

Alia Bhatt has her Hollywood debut Heart of Stone and Karan Johar film Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani in the pipeline.


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