April 17, 1983, Forty Years Ago: BJP raps Congress

The Bharatiya Janta Party urged the government to take the initiative in resuming talks with the Akali Dal and Assam movement leaders to find a solution to the two burning problems. In a resolution on the political situation, unanimously adopted by the party’s national council, the BJP held the Congress (I) government responsible for the present dangerous situation.

Deadly rainfall

An unprecedented down­pour lashed New Delhi for two days, killing two labourers and wreaking havoc all over the city.  According to the weather bureau, Delhi has never seen such torrential rain in April. A bureau spokesperson said they recorded 13.4 cm of rainfall the day before — an all-time high for this month.

ISRO rocket launch

As a prelude to the launching of the second developmental flight of SLV-3 D-2 at Sriharikota, the final countdown began on April 16. ISRO scientists and engineers had filled the rocket with fuel and the operation was expected to be over by midnight. According to a SHAR spokesman, after this, the 23-meter-long vehicle would be moved up to the vertical position.

NRI incentives

One of the unanticipated results of the new incentives for non-resident investment in India is going to be a flight of Indians abroad seeking non-resident status. These Indians can bring unlimited amounts of foreign exchange home with no questions asked. They will then benefit in perpetuity from wealth tax exemption, and pay a highly concessional income-tax plus surcharge of just 22.5 per cent. If any Indian citizen spends less than 60 days in India, he is classified as a non-resident.


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