AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija says collaboration with U2 was life-changing: ‘Bono and Edge are the kindest superstars’

Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman‘s daughter Khatija Rahman is also an accomplished singer. However, by her own admission, Khatija had taken a gap as she felt too overwhelmed with the response when she first began her musical journey over eight years ago. Despite her mother’s insistence, Khatija refused to perform again, until she finally listened to her and got back to making music.

In a video shared by Rahman on Wednesday, Khatija is seen speaking about collaborating with her father for the band U2: “My father said my life was going to change. We had recorded some lines from Thirukkural, but little did I know that it was a collaboration with the biggest band in the world, U2.”

“Bono and Edge were the kindest superstars I ever met. The way they made me feel and put me at ease was incredible. Apart from being great musicians, I think they are incredible human beings as they stand up for the right things. The track we did is called Ahimsa, and it is a collab between my father AR Rahman and U2. We performed as a part of the Joshua Tree Concert in Mumbai,” she added.

Khatija Rahman then proceeded to shed light on her new album called Kuhu Kuhu, which will release soon. The album was prompted by senior Rahman, who said Khatija should rework and introduce Hindi cinema’s classic songs to the younger generation. Some of the tracks which will feature on Kuhu Kuhu include “Aapki nazron ne samjha”, “Piya tose” and “Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya”.


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