Charu Asopa opens up about her struggle to find a house because of being a single mom: ‘Got to know it was bothering them’

Actor Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have been going through marital problems for a while now and Charu has been living away from Rajeev for many months. Charu had earlier shared vlogs about her move into a new home and now, in a recent interview, the actor has said that she is facing difficulties in trying to find a bigger home for her and her daughter Ziana. Charu believes that the reason for the same is that she is a single mother and an actor.

The Mere Angne Mein actor told The Times of India, “I have faced it as a single mother. I liked one flat, they were very conservative.” Charu shared that when the landlord learnt that she was a single mother who would be living alone with her daughter, it started “bothering” them.

Charu said that she needs more space as her daughter is growing up and their current accommodation isn’t enough for the two of them.

The actor had recently reacted to social media naysayers who comment on her dressing style and love for fashion. She told ETimes, “When you are a mother, there’s a judgment that you can’t wear revealing clothes. Some people comment that ‘Jaise jaise divorce ka date paas aa raha hai, waise waise kapde chote hote ja rahe hain’. (As the divorce date is coming closer, her clothes are getting smaller) I used to wear such clothes before as well but then it was fine. But now it’s not because I am a single mother.”

Charu and Rajeev tied the knot in 2019 but soon after, they started having problems and spoke about it in public. Last year, the couple was on the verge of separation but decided to give their marriage another shot until they decided to finally part ways. They welcomed their daughter Ziana in November 2021.


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