‘Cockroach in biryani’ case: refund alone does not absolve a restaurant, says consumer commission

A mere refund does not relieve any restaurant of its accountability in terms of maintaining standards of cleanliness and hygiene, a consumer commission observed and directed one such restaurant to pay ₹20,000 by way of compensation after a complainant stated that he had found a cockroach in his biryani.

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission – II, Hyderabad was dealing with a complained filed by M Arun. The opposite parties (OP) were Captain Cook Restaurant and its manager.

The complainant stated that in September 2021 he ordered chicken handi biryani, as takeaway, from the restaurant. After reaching the office, he opened the pack and began eating. To his horror, he found a cockroach crawling out of the biryani. He quickly recorded a video and informed the manager. To his surprise, the manager informed him that the insect could have crawled into it on account of a round of pest control activity at the restaurant. After issuing an apology on the phone, the restaurant refunded the bill amount.

For their part, the OP rejected all allegations. The biryani was fresh and hot. Therefore, there was no chance of any “insect to be alive in the food”, they contended.

Taking all evidence and statements placed on record, the commission pointed out that it was evident from the videos that a cockroach had indeed crawled out. The OP acted in a negligent manner in providing hygienic food. The commission stated that it was a basic right of every consumer to have a quality product or service for the charges paid. The OP failed to maintain basic safety precautions in providing hygienic food to its consumers, they said.

“Mere refunding the transaction amounts to the consumers whenever such incident happens should not relieve the opposite parties from their liability of being responsible and cautious,” the commission stated.

Apart from the compensation, ₹10,000 was awarded as costs.


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