Dalip Tahil reveals Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak had two climaxes, Mansoon Khan was ‘adamant’ to have a ‘sad ending’

Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla‘s debut film as lead actors Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (QSQT) turned them into overnight sensations. The film proved to be a major success but at the time of its release, the film faced some roadblocks as the distributors were not ready to release the film with a tragic ending. In the film, Aamir and Juhi’s characters are killed off.

Actor Dalip Tahil, who played Aamir’s father in the film, shared with Hindustan Times that director Mansoor Khan ‘reluctantly’ shot a ‘happy ending’.

Dalip shared, “Very reluctantly, we even shot a happy ending again for QSQT. However, Mansoor (Khan) was adamant that he will only be associated with the film if the ending remains sad as it was earlier. Nasir sahab went to the famous writer Rahi Masoom Raza for advice, and he said that the film will only be a classic if it has a sad ending.”

The 70-year-old actor further revealed that the 1988 film was initially supposed to be directed by Nasir Hussain, but he pulled out of the project due to health reasons, and gave the script to his son Mansoor Khan who then took over the direction.

He shared, “Mansoor wanted to recast both the fathers in the film, as he felt he was too young to direct senior actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Shammi Kapoor, who were going to play those roles earlier. That’s why I was approached for the role and I immediately accepted it, without thinking twice.”


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