Divisive forces trying to break religious harmony, says Kanthapuram

India is known for tolerance, brotherhood, and humane thoughts. But in recent times, many divisive forces are trying to break the religious harmony of the country, said Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar, the Grand Mufti of Sunnis.

Inaugurating the valedictory ceremony of the Sunni Students’ Federation (SSF) Golden Fifty in Kannur on Saturday, he said there were several people with vested interests, and that films such as “The Kerala Story” were a result of such activities.

“There is an effort to spread false propaganda through the film. Islam does not believe in terrorism or insist religious conversion of women,” the Grand Mufti said.

He added that students should be willing to learn the real history of the country, and that history should be taught through textbooks.

“The State government’s decision to teach the ancient history of the country to youngsters is a welcome move. Political and cultural heritage must be preserved. Reversing history is tantamount to destroying the nation. Our Constitution puts forward the concept of Akhand Bharat,” he observed.

Syed Ali Bafaqi led the prayers. Samasta president E. Sulaiman Musliar presided. Ponmala Abdul Qader Musliar, Syed Ibrahim Khalilul Bukhari, Perode Abdurrahman Sakhafi, Syed Twaha Sakhafi, Dr. A.P. Abdul Hakeem Azhari, and Dr. P.A. Farooq Naimi spoke. SSF State president Firdous Suraiji Sakhafi and general secretary K. Muhammad made the policy announcement.


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