Eight years after leaving abusive husband, woman owns 13 buses; ‘Sassy Sassu’ calls her incredible woman

Domestic violence continues to trouble women’s lives. A woman named Neeta has survived an abusive marriage and a hostile household to emerge as a successful entrepreneur owning 13 buses.

The indomitable woman narrated her ordeals to Official Humans of Bombay. As per a video shared by the handle on Instagram, she was beaten up by her mother during childhood and her father, apparently an alcoholic, seldom cared about her. When she was 6, her mother killed herself and her father abandoned her.

She was taken care of by her grandparents and at the age of 14, she married a 22-year-old police officer. He was apparently abusive and alcoholic and the couple have three kids. “I stood by him when he went broke and we had to live in a slum,” she said.
Despite the odds, she learnt to ride vehicles including scooters, cars and vans. “My husband’s words, You cant do anything, pushed me to try harder….Men with similar businesses felt threatened and turned my husband against me And when he said, I’ll kill you, I’d had enough!” she added.

At the age of34, she separated from her husband and completed her education along with her children. Meanwhile, her business also flourished. In the clip, she is seen quite courageously boarding a bus and riding it. “Today, 8 years later, I own 13 buses! My daughters are independent and my son moved to Canada. Life’s good! The road till here wasnt easy, but I’m going to ensure the journey from here will be!” she said.

The woman’s story inspired many online and Manjri Varde aka “Sassy Sassu”, mother-in-law of actor Sameera Reddy, praised her. Varde wrote, “Incredible Woman, Infinite Strength, A Lifetime of Love ❤️ .” Another Instagram user commented, “I have travelled so many times by Neeta travels but never knew the inspiring story behind its inception,thanks for sharing. More power to such females who set an example for so many others.” A third user wrote, “Congratulations on breaking the cycle of abuse.”


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