Floyd Mayweather set to return to the ring to face mafia boss John Gotti’s grandson

Boxer Floyd Mayweather will be making his return to the ring for an exhibition bout against John Gotti III who is the grandson of a mafia boss.

Gotti III, 30, is the grandson of the infamous John Gotti of the Gambino crime family and the son of Gotti Jr.

In a press conference before the match, scheduled for June 11, Mayweather revealed his friendship with the notorious family.

“I’m friends with his dad. This is what people don’t know, I’ve always been friends with the Gotti family. That’s what a lot of people don’t know,” he said as per The Sun.

“Of course, John Gotti Jr, how you doing John? It’s always good seeing you. It’s always great talking with you. And I’m glad we’re finally able to get this done, we’ve been working on this for a couple years now. For a long time. And of course, a great last name for this battle, last name means everything. You’re last names matters,” the boxer added.

“I just want to say thank you John once again. You’ve always been a class act, a gentleman, a respectful man. “And your son has been busting his ass working extremely hard, whether it’s MMA or boxing. And to be the best you have to continue to fight and improve yourself that’s what I did and I’m glad we were able to come together to make this event happen,” he said before signing off.

Mayweather last fought against reality TV star-turned boxer Aaron Chalmers in February this year which he won in a resounding fashion.


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