Inside Alanna-Ahaan Panday’s luxurious Mumbai mansion: Bohemian aesthetics, outdoor seating, and third floor ‘home within a home’

Actor Ananya Panday’s cousin, social media influencer Alanna Panday, recently gave a tour of her family house in Mumbai. Alanna mentioned that her family has been residing in the same house for over 17 years now, ever since they moved out of their joint family setup.

During the home tour, which Alanna shared on the YouTube channel that she shares with husband Ivor McCray, she showcased her front yard which featured a large, beautifully designed white dining table, where many of her wedding festivities took place. She also took viewers on a tour of her two stunning living rooms, and further shared that her mother chose a bohemian theme for the living room décor. She also said that her father, Chikki Panday, got an outhouse made for the staff, which they can personalise it so that they don’t feel too homesick.

Fans on the internet loved the aesthetics of the house. One of the fans said, “Your house looks like a little resort retreat in the woods. so calming and peaceful.” Another said, “Your house is literally stunning.The lighting is perfect, creating a soft and calming ambiance that adds to the cozy feel of the space. It’s clear that your parents have put a lot of thought and care into making it a special place.” A third person said, “We want part 2 to see Ahaan’s room,” referring to Alanna’s brother, Ahaan, who made a brief appearance in the video. 

In addition, Alanna shared her favourite spot in the yard, but noted that there was a minor issue with birds due to a tree located just above the seating area. She shared a hilarious incident involving her husband Ivor’s mother and said, “We were hanging here with Ivor’s mom and we were having wine and the bird almost sh*t on her.”

Ahaan refused to show his room and fans demanded another vlog for the same. She also showed off the third floor semi-apartment, which she described as her ‘favourite’ area of the house. She said that the third floor is where she and Ivor stay when they’re in town, and called it a ‘home within the home’. Alanna is the daughter of businessman Chikki Panday. She recently tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Ivor.


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