Lakshmi Hebbalkar says BJP is planning to target opponents using Lokayukta and IT raids

BJP is planning Lokayukta and IT raids on opposition leaders, alleged Lakshmi Hebbalkar, MLA and Congress candidate in Belagavi on April 30. 
| Photo Credit: P.K. Badiger

BJP is planning Lokayukta and IT raids on opposition leaders, alleged Lakshmi Hebbalkar, MLA and Congress candidate in Belagavi on April 30.

“We have come to know that the BJP is using immoral means to target as many as 50 candidates or their relatives. I believe even my name is included in the list of persons being targeted. But then, such wrong methods will not succeed,’‘ she said at a hurriedly called press conference at her residence in Belagavi. “BJP is resorting to such wrong tricks as it is desperate. I am a State-level spokesperson and I am speaking about it today as I have been asked to spread awareness about this by senior Congress leaders,’‘ she added.

We have information that BJP is targeting three leaders or candidates in Belagavi district, including JD (S) and Congress in Belagavi district alone, she said. She said she got hints about this from her well-wishers from various departments. She said she would reveal the names of the targeted personalities, in due course of time.

“We have not made any mistakes, but our efforts will be hampered as these raids will waste our time and create confusion in the minds of our workers. It will slow down our efforts and make our campaign difficult,’‘ the MLA said.

“We are not afraid of any such measure by any government agency. However, such raids on opposition candidates before elections can have a negative effect on our campaign. There are just ten days for elections, and every minute is important for us now. Why are such agencies being misused just before elections?,’‘ she asked.

“There is a strong wind in favour of the Congress. People are unhappy with the BJP as it has failed to keep all its promises. It has utterly failed in controlling price rise and corruption. That is why, it is trying to come to power by misusing government agencies. All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala has alleged that 1,000 IT officers had descended on Karnataka. He had warned the voters about such measures that could be taken by the BJP,’‘ she said.

We are neither worried about such raids nor are we trying to stop them. We only want to send a message to the people and let the people decide,’‘ Channaraj Hattiholi, MLC and Ms. Hebbalkar’s brother said.


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