Man ‘scans’ people entering building with lint roller: ‘No questions asked’

Getting checked by security guards before entering a building is something that we are all used to. Just like clicking on ‘Agree to terms and conditions’ while signing up on a website, we all agree to get checked by security guards.

Now a video that points to this blind conformity of people is going viral. The undated video shows a man outside a building, posing as a security guard. He then gestures to people to spread their arms and when people do that, he rolls a lint roller over their arms in a way that first appears like he is scanning them with a metal detector wand. Not even one person notices that the man posing as the security guard is holding a lint roller.

This video appears to be either a prank or a social experiment. It was shared online by podcaster Nicole Behnam (@NicoleBehnam). While sharing the video, Behnam wrote, “In case you’re wondering who‘s arguing with you on the internet… here’s a video of people walking into a building and being “scanned” with a lint roller by a man who is not a security guard, no questions asked.”

This tweet got over 15,000 likes since it was posted on Saturday. Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “The power of conformity is real ”. Another person jokingly wrote, “Personally, I usually have a lot of dog hair on me and I can use all the lint rolling I can get!”.


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