Operation Kaveri: 26 more reach Kerala from Sudan

As many as 26 Keralites were brought back to the State under Operation Kaveri launched by the Centre to bring stranded Indians from strife-torn Sudan. With this, the total number of Keralites who have reached home rose to 58 so far.

Some of the evacuees who reached Bengaluru and Delhi were directed to go in for quarantine as they could not produce a ‘yellow fever certificate’. According to officials in the NoRKA-Roots, the field agency of the Department of Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NoRKA) which coordinates the transit evacuation of Keralites who reach India under the mission, as many as 16 Keralites who landed in Bengaluru without the yellow fever certificate were taken to a hospital for a six-day quarantine.

It is learnt that some of those who landed in Delhi without the certificate were also taken to quarantine centres. However, it is unclear whether any Keralites are among them, said sources.

The first batch of evacuees who reached Delhi and Mumbai airports were, however, not asked to produce yellow fever certificate, according to passengers.


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