Ponniyin Selvan II, wrestlers’ protest, and innovations (Contest Week 4)

Week after week, you’ve solved our Friday news quiz with panache. From Eoin Morgan to Emmental cheese, from elephant conservation to e-books, there’s no theme that Express readers have not been able to crack. But what if we amp things up a little?

Introducing: the Express News Quiz League (ENQL)! A six-week contest that started on April 7, the ENQL is testing our readers’ common sense, critical thinking, and nose for the news. Each week, we publish a solo quiz like the one below, which has 10 questions on major headlines. Your task? Join anytime, solve them quickly, and climb the ranks on the ENQL leaderboard. Top scorers have won premium Indian Express subscriptions and electronics from boAt! Read complete guidelines here.

How to join the Quiz League

One ENQL quiz is published per week. Solve it any time before the solving window closes. Today’s quiz is under Game Week 4, live from April 28 (7pm) to May 4 (12pm).

1 – Scroll down to the quiz box below. Solve all questions. You’ll get a hidden score.

2 – Once ready, submit your full name and Express email ID in the box.

4 – After a week, visit our leaderboard to know your score and ranking.

5 – Were you in the top three? Congrats! Keep an eye on your email for prizes.

6 – Play the ENQL every week, build your score, and walk away with the grand prize.

Important: Duplicate submissions are not accepted. If you submit multiple entries, your lowest score and slowest time will be considered.

ENQL Game Week 4: Start Playing Below

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