Salman Khan on death threats: ‘Walk with so many guns around me now, it’s scary but…’

Superstar Salman Khan says he is aware that the death threats he has been receiving are of serious nature and has hence started being “very careful” with his way of life, adjusting to changes it has brought along with it, such as being surrounded by gunmen in public spaces.

Salman has been at the receiving end of multiple death threats of late. Last June, a letter was kept at Bandra Bandstand where the actor’s father Salim Khan would go for walk. The letter claimed that the actor, too, would meet the same fate as singer Sidhu Moosewala, who was killed last year.

During the latest episode of Rajat Sharma hosted Aap Ki Adalat, Salman was asked about his beefed-up security. The superstar said he can no longer walk on the streets of Bandra–or go cycling, as he famously used to do–and is sincerely doing whatever he has been asked to as part of the security protocol.

“Yes, there is security. I can no longer walk on the street alone, go cycling… But I do have a problem with this (amped up security). When we are in a traffic, there is so much security, vehicles, which causes inconvenience to other people, who give me a look, saying, ‘Achcha, you have now become a star.’ There are some threats, which is why the security is there. I am doing whatever I have been asked to do. I have got to be very careful… I go everywhere with full security.”

The actor said he believes that God will always look out for him, but he can’t be careless in his behaviour. For now, the superstar said, he is getting used to walking with men, who have guns pointed at all directions.

Jo hone waala hai woh ho ke rahega, aap kuch bhi koshish kar lo. I believe that he (God) is there, so that’s it. Of course, it doesn’t mean that just because God is there, I will start behaving carelessly. I have many Sheras now (referring to his loyal bodyguard, Shera). There are so many guns (gunmen) that walk with me that khud darr lagta hai aaj kal.

“They walk with guns pointed at all directors. I do get looks from people though. Like when you see a minister in his laal batti with siren, I get the same look. So I have told them that I don’t want any sound of siren, that they should drive at a very slow pace.”

When Rajat Sharma said the threats find their origin in the Blackbuck case, Salman laughed and said, “Sir I don’t know what this is, I seriously don’t know. Our judicial system is very able, they will decide. Whatever their decision, we will take it on.”

Recently, Mumbai Police Crime Branch detained a 16-year-old boy from Shahpur taluka in Thane for allegedly making a phone call to the police control room and threatening to kill Salman Khan on April 30. It took three police teams eight hours to detain the teen after a 10-km chase.

Probe has revealed that the Class XI dropout had recently seen a video on YouTube about Khan receiving threats from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang and decided to issue a similar threat.

Lawrence Bishnoi, an accused in the murder case of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, is currently in the custody of the Punjab Police. Earlier, the gangster had threatened to kill Salman for the poaching of a blackbuck, considered sacred by his community.


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