Sonam Bajwa says she was ‘disheartened’ when her song in Varun Dhawan’s Street Dancer 3D was cut out of the film

Actor Sonam Bajwa didn’t mince her words when she spoke about being left on the cutting room floor in the film Street Dancer 3D. Sonam said in an interview that she was in two minds about doing the project in the first place, because they wanted her just for a song sequence, and when that song didn’t make it to the final cut, she was ‘disheartened’.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Sonam said that after the fiasco, she vowed to make more thoughtful decisions about her career, and suggested that her song being axed from the movie created a negative impression of her in the industry. Sonam is best known for her work in Punjabi films, but she also commands a strong social media following.

Sonam said that she has ‘no complaints’ and has been made to feel welcome by the Hindi film industry, but is certainly not happy about how things went down on Street Dancer 3D. She said, “I felt very bad. Firstly, I never wanted to do a song. But the team was so looked up to. Remo is such a senior artist, director, choreographer. Varun Dhawan is loved by everyone. I was in two minds, should I do the song, should I not do the song. But they’d reached out to me, so I decided to go ahead. And when the song didn’t make it to the final edit of the film, I was very disheartened.”

She continued, “The industry is quick to label you as someone who only does songs. I heard things like that. I felt disheartened, but what else can you do? Other songs were also removed from the film, maybe. The filmmaker would always think about making their film the best it can be. And it’s fair to think like that… I don’t blame anyone, but I felt bad for myself. But you just learn, and next time, I’ll be more thoughtful about making decisions.”

The song in question, “Sip Sip 2.0,” was eventually released online post the film’s release. Street Dancer 3D underperformed at the box office upon release, and grossed just over Rs 100 crore worldwide.


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