Steam’s Puzzle Fest begins, with free demos & discounts on 2000+ puzzle video games

Break the code, find the missing piece, jump through portals to uncover what you need — over 2300 puzzle games are up for grabs with large discounts or demos on Steam, courtesy the platform’s first Puzzle Fest.

Running till May 1 (10.30pm IST), this is a week-long sale that is reintroducing players to popular puzzle games like Portal 2, Machinarium, Tetris Effect: Connected, Baba is You, The House of Da Vinci, Pikuniku and Dorfromantik, as well as new games, at a fraction of their price. VR and free-to-play titles are also up for grabs.

For newbies who aren’t sure about their perfect match, the Puzzle Fest page will let you sort by broad genres like casual, adventure, strategy, action, simulation, roleplaying (RPG), sports and racing puzzles — a menu that’s much more fun and expansive today than what was available for puzzles even a decade ago. Most of the titles are single-player, but there are a few hundred multiplayer and co-op games also in store.

More focused puzzlers can narrow down their choices using the following categories, where Steam has offered deals on some highly rated titles:

  • Card Games – Last Call BBS, Pawnbarian, Zup!6, Last Resort Island
  • Board Games – Dorfromantik, Lara Croft GO, Tsuro – The Game of the Path
  • Hidden Object – Birth, Taiji, The Room Three, Please Don’t Touch Anything
  • Physics – Portal, Portal 2, Superliminal, A Fisherman’s Tale, Maskmaker
  • Exploration – Escape Simulator, We Were Here Forever, Strange Horticulture
  • Logic – Baba is You, Patrick’s Parabox, The Pedestrian, Opus Magnum
  • Word Games – Paper Bride, Prose & Codes, Typoman
  • Co-op – Pikuniku, The Past Within, Escape Academy
  • Sokoban – Stephen’s Sausage Roll, A Monster’s Expedition
  • Match 3 – Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, Mixolumia

Somewhat of a spoiler, but there’s also a secret puzzle hidden by Steam on the event page. If unlocked, it gives players a hidden reward. See if you can find it!

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