Surprise inspection: Delhi minister Atishi pulls up authorities of MCD school over deplorable condition

Delhi Education Minister Atishi, who led a surprise inspection of an MCD school at Lal Kuan in Pul Prahladpur Friday, expressed her disappointment on finding the institution in an extremely dilapidated state and surrounded by heaps of garbage.

An official statement said there were no benches in the classrooms and students were forced to sit on broken floors. The toilets were either broken or in very bad condition, and there was no drinking water available. Additionally, there was an encroachment on a major area of the school, it said.

“The poor state of cleanliness in the school reflects the insensitive behaviour of the school administration towards the future of the children studying here, and such carelessness regarding education cannot be tolerated,” Atishi said to the principal of the school.

“It is the duty of the principal to ensure that all children receive quality education in a clean and safe environment in the school. However, looking at the condition of the school, it is clear that the school administration is insensitive to the future of the children studying here,” she added.

The minister further said that the current situation of the school led to its students having a sense of apathy towards education. She urged the relevant authorities to take the matter seriously and work towards ensuring that all children in MCD schools receive the education they are entitled to.

Atishi also stated that the dilapidated condition of MCD schools was the result of 15 years of mismanagement by the BJP in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. She alleged that during their entire tenure, the BJP has only worked to destroy schools which was evident from the deteriorated state of the classrooms, broken desks and unhygienic conditions.

“Parents send their children to government schools with the belief that they will be taken care of, but the BJP only ruined their future. However, now under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, MCD schools will be made better and every child will receive quality education,” she said.


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